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[74 Stat. 689]
[74 Stat. 689]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

74 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 8 6 - 6 8 2 - S E P T. 2, 1960

CHAPTER 95—TRANSPORTATION OF MAIL BY RAILROAD Sec. 6201. 6202. 6203. 6204. 6205. 6206. 6207. 6208. 6209. 6210. 6211. 6212. 6213. 6214. 6215.

Definition. Service by railroad and vessel. Authorization of service by railroads. Facilities provided by railroad. Changes in service. Evidence of service. Fines and deductions. Interstate Commerce Commission tofixrates. Procedures. Special rates. Authority to distinguish between classes of mail. Discrimination in transporting second class mail. Transportation by motor vehicle. Statistical studies. Special contracts.

§ 6201. Definition As used in this chapter, unless otherwise specified, "railroad" means a railway common carrier, including an electric urban and interurban railway common carrier. § 6202. Service by railroad This chapter applies to mail transportation performed by a railroad by rail or combination of rail, vessel and motor vehicle, or as provided by section 6213 of this title. § 6203. Authorization of service by railroad (a) The Postmaster General may establish railroad mail routes and authorize mail transportation service thereon. He may transport equipment and supplies of the Department as mail thereon. (b) A railroad shall transport mail including equipment and supplies of the Department offered for transportation by the United States in the manner, under the conditions, and with the service prescribed by the Postmaster General. It is entitled to receive fair and reasonable compensation for the transportation and services connected therewith. (c) The Postmaster General shall determine the trains upon which mail shall be transported. (d) A railroad shall transport with due speedj on any train it operates, such mail, including equipment and supplies of the Department, as the Postmaster General directs. (e) A railroad engaged in the transportation of mail shall transport on any train it operates upon exhibiting their credentials and without extra charge therefor— (1) persons m charge of the mail when on duty and traveling to and from duty; ana (2) accredited agents and officers, including postal inspectors, of the Department while traveling on official business. § 6204. Facilities provided by railroads (a) A railroad engaged in the transportation of mail shall provide the following equipment and facilities— (1) cars or parts of cars used in the transportation and distribution of mail; (2) facilities for protecting and handling mail in its custody; (3) station space and rooms for handling, storing and transfer of mail in transit, including the separation thereof by packages for connecting lines, and for distribution of registered mail in transit; and (4) when required by the Postmaster General, offices for employees of the postal transportation service engaged in station 48232 0-61-44