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[74 Stat. 834]
[74 Stat. 834]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


PUBLIC LAW 86-723~SEPT. 8, 1960

[74 S T A T.

salary and allowances of the position in which he is serving in lieu of his salary and allowances as an officer or employee of the Service. Any salary paid under the provisions of this section shall be the salary on the basis of which computations and payments shall be made in 22 USC 801 et accordancc with the provisions of title VIII. No officer or employee seq, of the Service who, subsequent to the date of enactment of the Foreign Service Act Amendments of 1960, is assigned to, or who, after June 30, 1961, occupies a position in the Department that is designated as a Foreign Service officer position, shall be entitled to receive a salary diiferential under the provisions of this paragraph." 22 USC 961. (b) Paragraph (e) of section 571 of such Act is amended by striking the phrase "with heads of Government agencies" where it appears in the second sentence and by redesignating the paragraph as " (d) ". 22 USC 965. gjjQ i^ Section 575 of such Act is amended by striking out all after the word "accordance" and inserting in lieu thereof the phrase "with the appropriate provisions of titles III and IX of Public Law 402, Eightieth Congress (62 Stat. 7 and 13; 22 U.S.C. 1451-1453, 1478 and 1479)." 22 USC 901 et SEC. 16. Title V of such Act is further amended by adding at the end seq. thereof the following new section: "FOREIGN LANGUAGE KNOWLEDGE PREREQUISITE TO ASSIGNMENT

22 USC 995.

"SEC. 578. The Secretary shall designate every Foreign Service Officer position in a foreign country whose incumbent should have a useful knowledge of a language or dialect common to such country. After December 31, 1963, each position so designated shall be filled only by an incumbent having such knowledge: Provided, That the Secretary or Deputy Under Secretary for Administration may make exceptions to this requirement for individuals or when special or emergency conditions exist. The Secretary shall establish foreign language standards for assignment abroad of officers and employees of the Service, and shall arrange for appropriate language training of such officers and employees at the Foreign Service Institute or elsewhere." gEc. 17. Section 625 of such Act and the heading of such section are amended to read as follows: "WITHIN-CLASS SALARY INCREASES OF FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICERS AND RESERVE OFFICERS

"SEC. 625. Any Foreign Service officer or any Reserve officer, whose services meet the standards required for the efficient conduct of the work of the Service and who shall have been in a given class for a continuous period of nine months or more, shall, on the first day of each fiscal year, receive an increase in salary to the next higher rate for the class in which he is serving. Without regard to any other law, the Secretary is authorized to grant to any such officer additional increases in salary, within the salary range established for the class in which he is serving, based upon especially meritorious service." SEC. 18. Title VI of such Act is amended by inserting after section 625 the following new section and the heading thereto: " RELATIONSHIP B E T W E E N PROMOTIONS AND FUNCTIONAL AND GEOGRAPHIC AREA SPECIALIZATION

" S E C 626. The achievement of the objectives of this Act requires increasing numbers of Foreign Service officers to acquire functional and geographic area specializations and to pursue such specializations for a substantial part of their careers. Such specialization shall not