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[74 Stat. 889]
[74 Stat. 889]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

74 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 8 6 - 7 6 2 - S E P T. 13, 1960


Public Law 86-752 AN ACT

September 13. 1960

To promote the public interest by amending the Communications Act of 1934, to provide a pre-grant procedure in case of certain applications; to impose limitations on payoffs between applicants; to require disclosure of payments made for the broadcasting of certain matter; to grant authority to impose forfeitures in the broadcast service; and to prohibit deceptive practices in contests of intellectual knowledge, skill, or chance; and for other purposes.

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives United States of America in Congress assembled,

of the


1. This Act may be cited as the "Communications Act Amendments, 1960". SECTION


SEC. 2. The third sentence of subsection (b) of section 4 of the Communications Act of 1934 (47 U.S.C. 154(b)) is amended by striking out the following: "; but this shall not apply to the presentation or delivery of publications or papers for which a reasonable honorarium or compensation may be accepted".

48 Stat. loee.


S E C 3. Subsection (d) of section 307 of the Communications Act of 1934 (47 U.S.C. 307) is amended by adding at the end thereof a new sentence as follows: "Consistently with the foregoing provisions of this subsection, the Commission may by rule prescribe the period or periods for which licenses shall be granted and renewed for particular classes of stations, but the Commission may not adopt or follow any rule which would preclude it, in any case involving a station of a particular class, from granting or renewing a license for a shorter period than that prescribed for stations of such class if, in its judgment, public interest, convenience, or necessity would be served by such action." PRE-GRANT PROCEDURE

SEC. 4. (a) Section 309 of the Communications Act of 1934 (47 U.S.C. 309) is amended to read as follows: "ACTION U P O N APPLICATIONS; FORM OF AND CONDITIONS ATTACHED TO LICENSES

"SEC. 309. (a) Subject to the provisions of this section, the Commission shall determine, in the case of each application filed with it to which section 308 applies, whether the public interest, convenience, and '^^ use sos. necessity will be served by the granting of such application, and, if the Commission, upon examination of such application and upon consideration of such other matters as the Commission may officially notice, shall find that public interest, convenience, and necessity would be served by the granting thereof, it shall grant such application. "(b) Except as provided in subsection (c) of this section, no such application— "(1) for an instrument of authorization in the case of a station in the broadcasting or common carrier services, or