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[75 Stat. 965]
[75 Stat. 965]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961





31, 1961


•'LEGISLATIVE RECOMMENDATIONS BY HOUSE COMMITTEE ON UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES-SUBSEQUENT ACTION TAKEN BY CONGRESS OR EXECUTIVE AGENCIES, E T C * [H/CO^JRes^aio] Resolved by the House of Representatives {the Senate concurring), That there be printed for the use of the Committee on Un-American ti^'Yc*^"! ^'^^^' Activities twenty-five thousand additional copies of a study entitled study. ' ' ° ' ' * ' °' "Legislative Recommendations by House Committee on Un-American Activities—Subsequent Action Taken by Congress or Executive Agencies—^A Research Study by Legislative Reference Service of the Library of Congress", Eighty-sixth Congress, second session. P a s s e d July 25, 1961. Axigust 24, 1961

••FACTS ON COMMUNISM-VOLUME I, THE COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY" [H.Con. Res. 3it] Resolved by the House of Representatives {the Senate concurring)^ That there be printed thirty thousand additional copies of House ti^'lT""^ i°e T'^'of Document 336, Eighty-sixth Congress, second session, entitled "Facts House docij^lnt. on Communism—Volume I, The Communist Ideology" of which fifteen thousand copies shall be for the use of the Committee on Un-American Activities and fifteen thousand copies shall be prorated to the Members of the House of Representatives for the duration of the Eighty-seventh Congress aft«r which time the unused balance shall revert to the Committee on Un-American Activities. SEC. 2. There shall be printed ten thousand three hundred additional copies of such document for the use of the Senate. P a s s e d August 24, 1961. CHINA

August 31, 1961 [S. Con. R e s. 34]

Whereas the Government of the United States enjoys close and friendly relations with the Government of the Republic of China, including treaty obligations which this Government honors; and Whereas the Republic of China has faithfully discharged its obligations under the Charter of the United Nations; and Whereas the Chinese Communist government has flagrantly violated basic human rights, has imposed on the Chinese people one of the most brutal regimes known to history, and is without authority to speak for the Chinese people other than the authority that derives from usurpation and tyranny; and Whereas the Chinese Communist regime by its aggression in Korea, its repression in Tibet, its threats against its neighbors, its failure to release American prisoners as promised, its export of narcotics to non-Communist countries, in collaboration with criminal elements in these countries, on a scale that makes it the major source of the international illicit narcotics traffic, and its hostility toward the United States and the United Nations has demonstrated that it is not qualified for representation in the United Nations: Therefore be it Resolved by the Senate {the House of Representatives concurring). That it is the sense of the Congress that the United States shall in^untted^S'rtions" continue to meet its commitments to the people and Government of the Republic of China and shall continue to support that Government as the representative of China in the United Nations; and be it further Resolved, That the United States shall continue to oppose the seating of the Chinese Communist regime in the United Nations so lon^ as that regime persists in defying the principles of the United Nations Charter; and be it further