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[75 Stat. 73]
[75 Stat. 73]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

75 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 87.30-MAY 5, 1961

"(17) any employee employed within the area of production (as defined by the Secretary) by an establishment commonly recognized as a country elevator, including such an establishment which sells products and services used in the operation of a farm: Provided, That no more than five employees are employed in the establishment in such operations; or "(18) any employee engaged in ginning of cotton for market, in any place of employment located in a county where cotton is grown in commercial quantities; or "(19) any employee of a retail or service establishment which is primarily engaged in the business of selling automobiles, trucks, or farm implements; or "(20) any employee of a retail or service establishment who is employed primarily in connection with the preparation or offering of food or beverages for human consumption, either on the premises, or by such services as catering, banquet, box lunch, or curb or counter service, to the public, to employees, or to members or guests of members of clubs; or "(21) any agricultural employee employed in the growing and harvesting of shade-grown tobacco who is engaged in the processing (including, but not limited to, drying, curing, fermenting, bulking, rebulking, sorting, grading, aging, and oaling) of such tobacco, prior to the stemming process, for use as cigar wrapper tobacco; or "(22) any employee engaged (A) in the transportation and preparation for transportation of fruits or vegetables, whether or not performed by the farmer, from the farm to a place of first processing or first marketing within the same State, or (B) in transportation, whether or not performed by the farmer, between the farm and any point within the same State of persons employed or to be employed in the harvesting of fruits or vegetables. " (b) The provisions of section 7 shall not apply with respect to - "(1) any employee with respect to whom the Interstate Commerce Commission has power to establish qualifications and maximum hours of service pursuant to the provisions of section 204 of the Motor Carrier Act, 1935; or "(2) any employee of an employer subject to the provisions of part I of the Interstate Commerce Act; or "(3) any employee of a carrier by air subject to the provisions of title II of the Railway Labor Act; or "(4) any employee employed in the canning, processing, marketing, freezing, curing, storing, packing for shipment, or distributing of any kind of fish, shellfish, or other aquatic forms of animal or vegetable life, or any byproduct thereof; or "(5) any individual employed as an outside buyer of poultry, eggs, cream, or milk, in their raw or natural state; or "(6) any employee employed as a seaman; or "(7) any employee of a street, suburban or interurban electric railway, or local trolley or motorbus carrier; or "(8) any employee of a gasoline service station; or "(9) any employee employed as an announcer, news editor, or chief engineer by a radio or television station the major studio of which is located (A) in a city or town of one hundred thousand population or less, according to the latest available decennial census figures as compiled by the Bureau of the Census, except where such city or town is part of a standard metropolitan statistical area, as defined and designated by the Bureau of the Budget, which has a total population in excess of one hundred thousand, 64207 0-62—8



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