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[75 Stat. 1169]
[75 Stat. 1169]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Page Agricultural Commodities.

Abraham Lincoln, joint committee to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the first inauguration _ 3 Acadia, documentation as a vessel of the United States 492 Accounts, Bureau of, appropriation for_. 393 Ackia Battleground National Monument, Miss., included in Natchez Trace Parkway 335 "Activities of United States Citizens Employed by the United Nations", printing of additional copies of report 963 Administrative Expenses Act of 1946, Amendments, travel allowances, storage, etc 339, 340, 409 Advanced Research Projects Agency, appropriation for 374 Advisory Committee on the Training of Teachers of the Deaf, establishment. 576 Afton, Lincoln County, Wyo., land exchange.410 Aged, community facilities and services for the health care of 824 Appropriation for 598, 736 Agricultural Act of 1949, Amendments: Dairy products, availability through Commodity Credit Corporation, extension 319 Disaster areas, sale of feed for livestock 293 Feed grains— Program for 1961 6 Program for 1962 301 Mexican agricultural workers, employment restrictions; extension of program ... 761 Agricultural Act of 1954, funds for effecting provisions 232 Agricultural Act of 1961 294 Agricultural credit 307 Agricultural trade development 306 Supply adjustment and price stabilization 295 Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938: Amendments, acreage allotments and marketing quotas 78, 84, 220, 296-306, 469, 512, 778 Funds for effecting provisions 231, 233 Agricultural Advisory Commission, National, appropriation for expenses 237

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dividual commodities. Dairy products, availability to Armed Forces and Veterans Administration 319 Feed for livestock, sale in disaster areas. 293 Feed grains— Program for 1961 6 Program for 1962 301 Grapes and plums in foreign trade, standards 220 Hay harvesting on conservation lands in disaster areas 129 Surplus— Procurement for foreign assistance program 440 Sale for foreign currencies. 64, 238, 239, 306 Use— Emergency famine relief to friendly peoples 238, 239 Grain for emergency feeding of migratory birds, etc 389 Home economics courses, training of college students 411 Underdeveloped areas 211 Agricultural Enabling Amendments Act of 1961: Agricultural programs, consultation on. 295 Feed grain program, 1962^ 301 Marketing orders 303 Wheat program, 1962 296 Wool, extension of price support 306 Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946, funds for effecting provisions 228, 230, 231 Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937, Amendments, marketing regulations; enforcement; expansion of coverage; research and development projects; area limitation; importation prohibition 303-306 Agricultural Marketing Service, appropriation for 31, 231 Agricultural Research Service, appropriation for 226 Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, appropriation for 733 Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954: Amendments— Administration of loans 463 1169