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[75 Stat. 1200]
[75 Stat. 1200]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961




House of Representatives—Continued ^^^^ House of Representatives—Continued ^^^^ Majority and minority leaders, a u to Special and select committees, appromobile, appropriation for 38, 327 priation for 38, 326 Members— Statements of appropriations, approClerk hire, appropriation for 30, 38, 325 priation for 329 Former, distribution of copies of Thomson, Keith, payment to widow 30 Congressional Record to 5 United States Code, new edition, approOffice equipment, electrical, addipriation for 327 tional 221 Woodrow Wilson Memorial CommisM u m m a, Walter M., payment to s o n. 30 sion, membership 783 Norrell, W. F., payment to widow of-_30 Office buildings, appropriation for 39, 330 Housing: Alaska, low-rent public housing, amendOfficers and employees, appropriation m e n t of cost limitations 166 for compensation 324 A part m e n t Unit Insurance F u n d, creaOfficial reporters of debates, appropriation 162 tion for 325 Official reporters to committees, approArmed services housing mortgage inpriation for 325 surance, time extension 111 Pages, education of, appropriation for_ 38, 328 College housing, loan authorization 172 Parliamentarian, Office of the, approFunds available for 25, 361 priation for 324 Community facilities loans 173 Penalty mail costs, appropriation for__329 Cooperative housing 179 Postmaster, Office of, appropriation for_ 325 Defense-impacted areas 180 Reece, B. Carroll, payment to widow- _ 30 Elderly persons— Reports of hearings of committees, appropriation for 326 Direct loans 162 F u n d, appropriation for 354, 740 Revision of laws, appropriation for 38 Low-rent public housing, additional Science and Astronautics, Committee on, report to National Aeronautics subsidy 163 and Space Administration on reExperimental housing program 158 search, etc 217 Family housing at military installaSergeant a t Arms, Office of, appropriations 97, 100, 102, 107, 108, 110, 111 tion for 324 F a r m housing program 186 Speaker— Appropriation for grants and loans Appointments by — under 733 A b r a h a m Lincoln's first inauguraFederal H o m e Loan B a n k Act, amend tion, one h u n d r e d t h anniverment 482, 486 sary, members of committee Federal H o m e Loan B a n k Board— on arrangements 4 Appropriation for 34, 360, 739 Woodrow Wilson Memorial ComDirectors, election and appointment 486 mission, members 783 Reorganization Plan N o. 6 of 1961 - - _ 838 Automobile, appropriation for 38, 327 Supergrade positions, authorization __ 786 Expense allowance, appropriation for_ 324 Federal Housing Administration— Reports to — Appropriation for 35, 363, 741 Contingency F u n d, use by PresInsurance programs 177-183 ident 434 Library memberships 192 Defense articles furnished from Federal National Mortgage Associastocks of Department of Detion— fense 437 Appropriation for 35, 362, 741 Military d e part m e n t s, contracts Lending authority; mortgage a m o u n t, awarded 110 limitation 176 President of the United States— Special assistance authorization 175 Development assistance, agreeFederal Savings and Loan Associaments for 427 tions— Foreign Assistance Act of 1961-_ 455 Investment of assets in facilities for Small Business Administration, anthe aging 189 nual 668 Urban renewal investment trust, auSpecial and minority employees, approt h o r i t y to invest in 190 priation for 325