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[75 Stat. 1220]
[75 Stat. 1220]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961




Page Proclamations—Continued ^^^^ Public Debt: National Transportation Week, 1961-_ 1062 Gifts for reduction of 119 Authorization 79 Temporary increase in limit ^ 148 National Y o u t h Fitness Week, 1961. __ 1054 Public Debt, Bureau of the, appropriation P a n American D a y and P a n American for 39,393 Week, 1961 1025 Public Health Service: Peace Officers Memorial D a y, authoriAccident prevention, appropriation for.. 598 zation 95 Administrative provisions, AppropriaP e a n u t oil, flaxseed, and linseed oil, tion Act 260 import fees, termination 1043 Aged, community facilities and services Petroleum and petroleum products, imfor the health care of 824 port adjustment 1005, 1018 Appropriation for 598, 736 Police Week, authorization 94 Air pollution control, appropriation for.. 600 Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day, 1961- 1053 Allergy and infectious disease activities, Red Cross Month, 1961 1034 appropriation for 602 Rocky M o u n t a i n National Park, Colo., Appropriation for 23, 36, 259, 598, 736 enlargement 982 Arthritis and metabolic disease activiRussell Cave National Monument, Ala., ties, appropriation for ^ 602 establishment 1058 Assistance to States, general, appropriaSt. Francis National Forest, Ark., estabtion for 36 lishment, and Ozark and N e b r a s k a Buildings and facilities, appropriation National Forests, enlargement 990 for 598, 736 Thanksgiving D a y, 1960 995 Cancer research facilities, appropriation Trade agreement proclamations— for grants 603 Bicycles and pineapples, modification Chronic diseases and health of the aged, of concessions 1028 appropriation for 598, 736 Clothespins, spring, modification of Commissioned officers, appropriation duties-. 1101 for retired pay 604 H o n d u r a s, Republic of, termination Communicable disease activities, a p of agreement 1022 propriation for 23, 36, 599 Wool fabrics, modification of d u t y - - 1007 Community health practice and research, T u n g oil and t u n g nuts, import quotas, appropriation for 599, 736 limitation 987 Community Health Services and FacilUnited Nations Day, 1961 . 1063 ities Act of 1961 824 Winema National Forest, Oreg., desigDental services and resources, appropriation 1075 ation for 599 World Trade Week, 1961 1051 Environmental health activities, approWright Brothers D a y, 1961 1108 priation for 36 Authorization 611 Foreign q u a r a n t i n e activities, appropriation for 36,601 Professional Sports Contests, telecasting Health research facilities, appropriaof, contracts 732 tion for 603 Property Moving in Interstate or Foreign Hospital construction and medical care, Commerce, penalty for willful destrucappropriation for-__ 36, 600, 601, 603, 736 tion or injury to 494 Indian health activities, appropriation Public Assistance, Bureau of, appropriafor 36, 259, 260 tion for 24, 605 Mental health activities, appropriation Public Buildings Purchase Contract Act for 602 of 1954, appropriation for payments Milk, food, interstate, and community under 350 sanitation, appropriation for 600 Public Buildings Service: National Cancer Institute, appropriaAppropriation for 35, 348 tion for 602 Commissioner, compensation 792 National health statistics, appropriation Federal Office Building N u m b e r e d 7, for 603 additional appropriation for 350 National H e a r t Institute, appropriation Projects, construction, sitep, etc., approfor 602 priation for 348-350 National Institute of Dental Research, Sites, repeal of provisions relating to appropriation for 599, 602 abstracts, etc., and evidences of National Institutes of Health, approtitle 577 priation for 601