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[75 Stat. 1227]
[75 Stat. 1227]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

SUBJECT INDEX Page State, Department of—Continued

Soybeans, marketing orders, termination. 304 Spain, naval vessels, extension of loan 815 Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Bureau of: Appropriation for 26, 37, 255 Supergrade positions, repeal of provision respecting 788 Sporting Events, Wagering Paraphernalia, interstate transportation, penalties. 491, 492 Sports Contests, Professional, telecasting of, contracts 732 Standards, National Bureau of, appropriation for 32, 276, 734 State, Department of: Ancient Nubian Monuments, preservation of, appropriation for 746 Appropriation Act, 1962 545 Appropriation for 30, 39, 144, 195, 412, 545, 717, 718, 745 Arms control and disarmament activities, appropriation for 745 Arts, Advisory Committee on, appointment of members by Secretary 533 Buildings abroad, appropriation for acquisition, maintenance, etc 546 Caribbean Organization, appointment of United States observer to 194 Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange Between East and West Act of 1960, appropriation for effecting provisions 745 Destitute Americans returning from foreign countries, identification for temporary assistance 142 Diplomatic and consular service, appropriation for emergencies 31,546 Educational exchange activities, international, appropriation for 549, 745 Foreign affairs, appropriation for administration 30, 545, 745 Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 424,719 Foreign Assistance and Related Agencies Appropriation Act, 1962 • 717 General provisions, Appropriation Act 550, 559 Inspector General, Foreign Assistance, appointment, compensation 447 International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico, appropriation for 39, 547 International Cooperation Administration, abolishment 445 International Development of 1961, Act for 424 International educational exchange activities, appropriation for 39, 549 International fisheries commissions, appropriation for 39, 549

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International organizations and conferences. See International Organizations. International Peace and Security Act of 1961 434 Foreign policy, coordination with military assistance 446 National Aeronautics and Space Council, membership 46 North Atlantic Treaty Organization, United States Citizens Commission— Appropriation for 547, 745 Time extension 242 Pan American Health Organization building site, appropriation for 746 Peace Corps Act 612 Representation allowances, approprisition for 30 Saline water conversion program, cooperation 629 Security guard services, reimbursement of General Services Administration. 550 Strategic Air Command, procurement of long-range manned aircraft 94 Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act: Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 351 Nickel-cobalt-copper calcines and matte, disposition without regard to 19 Waterfowl feathers and down, disposition 566 Subversive Activities Control Board, appropriation for-. 281 "Subversive Influence in the Educational Process", printing of additional copies of report 962 Sugar Act of 1948: Amendment, extension; quotas 40 Appropriation for program 233 Cuban quota under, proclamations- 1000, 1041 Superior National Forest, Minn., appropriation for acquisition of land 258,772 Supplemental Appropriation Act, 195G, Amendment, supergrade positions, repeal of provision respecting 788 Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1957, Amendment, final judgments and compromise settlements, payment 416 Supplemental Appropriation Act, Third, 1961 20 Supplemental Appropriation Act, Fourth, 1961 195 Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1962 733 Supplemental Defense Appropriation Act, 1958, Amendment, supergrade positions, repeal of provision respecting. _ 788