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[75 Stat. 1233]
[75 Stat. 1233]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

SUBJECT INDEX Virginia—Continued ^'^^^ Norfolk, urban renewal, eligibility of certain local grants-in-aid 172 Princess Anne County School Board, settlement of claim 520 Roanoke, credit for cost of certain school construction in urban renewal project 171, 172 United States Marine Corps Memorial, Arlington flag display 1068 Vocational Education: Extension of program 44, 760 Appropriation for 595 Indians, adults, increased appropriation authorized 571 Redevelopment areas, training in 59 Vocational Education Act of 1946, Amendments 44, 760 Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 595 Vocational Rehabilitation, Office of, appropriation for 36, 597 W Wage and Hour Division, Department of Labor, appropriation for 38, 594 Wagering Paraphernalia, interstate transportation, penalties 491, 492 Walker River Paiute Tribe of Indians, Nev., mineral rights underlying reservation 499 Wapato Indian Irrigation Project, WapatoSatus Unit, Wash., allocation of costs. 680 War Claims Act of 1948, use of funds created under 280 War Hazards Compensation Act: Amendment, injuries or death, compensation 463 Increased compensation 809 War Orphans Educational Assistance Act of 1956, time extension for certain benefits under 806 Washington: Columbia Basin project, water delivery during 1962 408 Colville Reservation, Confederated Tribe of, funds 45, 639 Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, redesignation; boundary revision.. 196 Wapato Indian irrigation project, Wapato-Satus unit, allocation of costs 680 Yakima project, Zillah, property disposal 388 Washington Aqueduct, appropriation for. 33 Washington Home for Foundlings, childplacing and cancer treatment activities, authority , 497 Washington National Airport, appropriation for 346,347


Water. Saline: ^^^ Appropriation for program 256, 743 Conversion program, authorization 628 Water Pollution Control Act. See Federal Water Pollution Control Act. Water Research Symposium, National, printing of proceedings 963 Water Resource Development Projects, modification of leases for recreational facilities 509 Water Supply Act of 1958, Amendment, payment of construction costs, agreements ^ 210 Water Supply and Water Pollution Control, appropriation for 600, 736 Waterfowl, Migratory: Appropriation for grain 239, 240 Conservation of, acquisition of wetlands 813 Waterfowl Feathers and Down, disposition 566 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act: Amendment, sponsoring organizations, local 408 Funds for effecting provisions 229 Waterways Corporation, Inland, appropriation for 275 Weather Bureau: Appropriation for.. 32, 277, 734 Meteorological facilities, operations, etc., appropriation for 277, 734 Welfare and Pension Plans Disclosure Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 589 Wheat: Acreage allotment, marketing quota, price support, etc., 1962 program., 296 Durum, increased allotments 300 International Wheat Agreement Act of 1949, funds available 238,239 National marketing quota, referendum. 220 Tulelake area of California, special acreage allotment, extension 778 White House, historic and artistic contents, preservation 586 White House Conference on Aging, appropriation for 36 White House Office, appropriation for... 34, 268 White House Police, appropriation for.. 39, 394 Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, appropriation for maintenance of longhorned cattle 255 Wildlife Service. See Fish and Wildlife Service. Winema National Forest, Oreg., designation 1075 Wines, excise tax rate, extension 193