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[75 Stat. 598]
[75 Stat. 598]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


PUBLIC LAW 87-290-SEPT. 22, 1961

[75 S T A T.


For expenses, not otherwise provided for, necessary in carrying out Musc'aStes. t^® provisions of the Vocational Eehabilitation Act, as amended, and 20 USC 10 7- of the Act approved June 20, 1936 (20 U.S.C., ch. 6A), as amended, 10 7f. $2,325,000. PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE PREAMBLE

58 Stat. 682.

42 USC 209.

For necessary expenses in carrying out the Public Health Service ^.ct, as amended (42 U.S.C., ch. 6A) (hereinafter referred to as the Act), and other Acts, including expenses for active commissioned officers in the Reserve Corps and for not to exceed two thousand six hundred commissioned officers in the Regular Corps; expenses incident to the dissemination of health information in foreign countries through exhibits and other appropriate means; expenses of primary and secondary schooling of dependents, in foreign countries, of Public Health Service personnel stationed in foreign countries, in amounts not to exceed an average of $285 per student, when it is determined by the Secretary that the schools, if any, available in the locality are unable to provide adequately for the education of such dependents, and for the transportation of such dependents between such schools and their places of residence when the schools are not accessible to such dependents by regular means of transportation; not to exceed $1,000 for entertainment of visiting scientists when specifically approved by the Surgeon General; purchase, erection, and maintenance of temporary or portable structures; and for the payment of compensation to consultants or individual scientists appointed for limited periods of ^ijng pursuant to section 207(f) or section 207(g) of the Act at rates established by the Surgeon General not to exceed $19,000 per annum; as follows: BUILDINGS AND FACILITIES

For construction, major repair, improvement, extension, and equipment of Public Health Service facilities, not otherwise provided, including plans and specifications and acquisition of sites, $16,630,000, to remain available until expended. ACCIDENT P R E V E N T I O N

42 USC 241. 42 USC 246.

rp^ carry out section 301 of the Act, and for expenses necessary for demonstrations and training personnel for State and local health work pursuant to section 314(c) of the Act, with respect to accident prevention, $3,618,000. CHRONIC DISEASES AND HEALTH OF THE AGED

42 USC 243. 42 USC 246.

rp^ cB,TTy out section 311 of the Act, and for expenses necessary for research, demonstrations, and technical assistance under section 301 of the Act and demonstrations and training personnel for State and local health work under section 314(c) of the Act, with respect to chronic diseases and health problems of the aged, $3,958,000.