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[75 Stat. 38]
[75 Stat. 38]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961


87-14-MAR. 31, 1961

[75 S T A T.

Office of Alien Property: "L/imitation on salaries and expenses" (increase of $40,000 in the limitation on general administrative expenses); DEPARTMENT OF LABOR

Office of the Secretary: "Salaries and expenses", $111,000; Labor-management reporting and disclosure activities: "Salaries and expenses", $300,000; Office of the Solicitor: "Salaries and expenses", $172,000; Bureau of Labor Standards: "Salaries and expenses", $146,000; Bureau of Veterans' Kemployment E i g h t s: "Salaries and expenses", $38,000; Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training: "Salaries and expenses", $268,000; Bureau of Employment Security: "Salaries and expenses, Mexican farm labor program", $92,000, to be derived by transfer from the F a r m labor supply revolving fund; "Compliance activities, Mexican farm labor program", $63,000; Bureau of Labor Statistics: "Salaries and expenses", $599,000; "Consumer Price Index", $72,000; Women's Bureau: "Salaries and expenses", $33,000; AVage and Hour Division: "Salaries and expenses" $732,000; LEGISLATIVE BRANCH

Senate: "Salaries, officers and employees", $1,272,855; "Office of the Legislative Counsel of the Senate", $15,290; Contingent expenses of the Senate: "Legislative reorganization", $8,790; "Senate Policy Committees", $18,580; "Joint Economic Committee", $10,605; "Joint Committee on Atomic Energy", $13,865; "Joint Committee on Printing", $7,610; "Vice President's automobile", $465; "Automobile for the President pro tempore", $465; "Automobile for the majority and minority leaders", $930; "Inquiries and investigations", $228,855; "Folding documents", $2,395; "Miscellaneous items", $34,240; "Joint Committee on Reduction of Xonessential Federal Expenditures", $1,880; House of Representatives: "Salaries, officers and employees", $540,605; "Members' clerk-hire", $1,222,500; Contingent expenses of the House: "Furniture", $10,750; "Miscellaneous items", $100,000; "Special and select committees", $183,750; "Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation", $22,500; "Office of the Coordinator of Information", $7,555; "Revision of laAVs", $1,365; "Speaker's automobile", $500; "Majority leader's automobile", $500; "Minority leader's automobile", $500; Capitol Police: "Capitol Police Board", $7,000; "Education of Senate and House pages", $3,794;