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[80 STAT. 1782]
[80 STAT. 1782]
PRIVATE LAW 89-000—MMMM. DD, 1966



[80 STAT.


By jhe President of the United States of America A Proclamation

May 3 marks an important anniversary for freedom-loving people the world over. I t was on this date, 175 years ago, that the patriots of Poland adopted a Constitution that stirred the hopes of the Polish people. But this year. May 3 takes on a significance that is truly unique. I t marks the 1000th anniversary of Polish Christianity and Polish nationhood. Ten centuries ago today, Poland became a part of the community of Western nations. Ten centuries ago today, Poland entered the mainstream of Western thought and Western culture. I t was this tradition that gave birth to the Polish Constitution of 1791. The Christian expression of the dignity of man found its ultimate expression in the cause of freedom and national independence. I t was no accident that this great political document came into being just four years after the American Constitution—or that the two were so similar in content and spirit. The same spark of freedom that flared into the American Revolution also burned in the hearts of the Polish people. Our Revolution was theirs, and to these shores, to help in our struggle, came two great champions of liberty: Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Kazimierz Pulaski. The rest is history: a triumph for America—for the most part tragedy for Poland. Today, after nearly two centuries of struggle, of invasion, of foreign domination, of partition—and always of bravery—love for national independence and for the basic rights of man still lies deep in the hearts of the Polish people. The spark of freedom has never been extinguished. And through it all, the historic ties between our two great nations have remained as a symbol of friendship and hope. Today, on this anniversary, we reaffirm that friendship and pledge ourselves to that hope. NOW, THEREFORE, I, LYNDON B. JOHNSON, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim this day, May 3, 1966, as Poland's National and Christian Millennium Day on which we spiritually unite ourselves with the people of Poland and those gathered today at Jasna Gora and wherever they might be observing this historical event. I invite the American people to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities and particularly to join with Americans of Polish heritage in their continued celebrations throughout this memorable year, both in America and in Poland. I N W I T N E S S WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United States of America to be affixed.