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[80 STAT. 1825]
[80 STAT. 1825]
PRIVATE LAW 89-000—MMMM. DD, 1966

SUBJECT INDEX Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965, printing of copies of hearings R "Recent Federal Reserve Actions and Economic Policy Coordination", printing of additional copies Recreational Opportunities in the State of Washington, additional copies of report Red Cross Month, 1966, proclamation Rivers and Harbors, Beach Erosion, Flood Control, Etc., additional copies of report S


Page Page Thanksgiving Day: 1965, proclamation 1734 1966, proclamation 1818 1722 Thermometers,' Clinical, termination of increased import duty, proclamation 1752 Trade Agreement Proclamations: Canada 1746, 1805 1719 Japan 1807 United Kingdom 1770 1724 Trade Week, World, 1966, proclamation. 1780 Transportation, National Defense Trans1763 portation Day and National Transportation Week, 1966, proclamation 1779 Truman, Harry S, eighty-second birthday, 1721 proclamation 1786 "Twentieth Anniversary of the Employment Act of 1946, an Economic Symposium", printing of additional copies. 1719 1760 U

Safety Pins, termination of increased import duty, proclamation Save Your Vision Week, 1966, proclamation 1759 UNESCO, twentieth anniversary, proclamation 1804 School Lunch Week, 1966, National, proclamation 1796 United Kingdom, trade agreement proclamation 1770 School Safety Patrol Week, National, proclamation 1784 United Nation's Day, 1966, proclamation. 1787 United States Capitol, marble bust of Senate, President of the Senate, signing Constantino Brumidi to be placed in.. 1720 of enrolled bills during adjournment- _ 1720, 1729 "United States Policy Toward Asia", printing of additional copies 1723 Senior Citizens Month, May, 1966, proc"United States Policy With Respect to lamation 1769 Mainland China", printing of addi"Sino-Soviet Conflict and Its Implicational copies 1719 tions", printing of additional copies. _ 1728 United States-Puerto Rico Commission, Sir Winston Churchill Day, proclamation.. 1775 printing of hearings 1724 Ski Week, National, proclamation 1757 USO Day, proclamation 1751 Small Business Week, proclamation 1788 Utah, selection of site for Winter 1972 South Viet-Nam, defense of, proclamaOlympic Games 1718 tion 1734 V Stainless-Steel Flatware, reduction of increased duty, proclamation 1754 Vessels, John F. Drews, coastwise trade, permit 1695 State and Municipal Bond Week, proclamation 1778 Veterans' Benefits Calculator, printing of additional copies 1721 State Taxation of Interstate Commerce, 1803 printing of reports 1721 Veterans Day, 1966, proclamation "A Study of Federal Credit Programs", W printing of additional copies 1723 Water Conservation Month, proclamation. 1736 "Summary of Veterans Legislation ReWaterloo, N.Y., birthplace of Memorial > ported, Eighty-ninth Congress", printDay, centennial anniversary; observing of additional copies 1723 ance 1718, 1790 T Tariff Schedules of the United States. For amendments and repeals, see 1930, P.L. 361 in Table 1, "General Legislation", in "Laws Affected in Volume 80", Volume 80, Part 1. Texas, HemisFair 1968 Exposition, proclamation

White Cane Safety Day, 1966, proclamation World Trade Week, 1966, proclamation."World War on Hunger", printing of additional copies of hearings Wright Brothers Day, 1965, proclamation.

1815 1780 1726 1733

Z 17371 Zip Code Week, National, proclamation. _ 1812