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[82 STAT. 981]
[82 STAT. 981]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 90-557-OCT. 11, 1968


tories; purchase of not to exceed one passenger motor vehicle for replacement only; and purchase, hire, maintenance, and operation of aircraft; $62,144,000. AIR P O L L U T I O N

To carry out the Clean Air Act, as amended, and the functions of ^i Stat. 485. the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare under the pro- nole. ^^^^ visions of section 48(h) (12)(C) (ii) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (80 Stat. 1508, 1512), including purchase of not to exceed 26 USC 48. eight passenger motor vehicles, and hire, maintenance, and operation of aircraft, |88,733,000, of which $18,700,000 shall remain available until expended to carry out section 104 of the Clean Air Act. URBAN AND INDUSTRIAL H E A L T H

To carry out sections 301, 311, and 361 of the Act with respect to ^2 USC 24i, occupational health, injury control, arctic health, milk, food, and environmental sanitation, and interstate quarantine activities; section 2(k) of the Water Quality Act of 1965 (79 Stat. 903); and the func- J ^ use 466-i tions of the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare under the Solid Waste Disposal Act of 1965 (79 Stat. 997) and the Flammable f use 3251 note. Fabrics Act (15 U.S.C. 1191), as amended; $42,995,000. 67 Stat. I l l; 81 Stat. 568. RADIOLOGICAL H E A L T H

To carry out sections 301 and 311 of the Act, with respect to radiological health; including hire, maintenance, and operation of aircraft; and for expenses necessary for the Office of the Director, Bureau of Disease Prevention and Environmental Control; $17,743,000. HEALTH SERVICES COMMUNITY H E A L T H SERVICES

To carry out, to the extent authorized by law and not otherwise provided, sections 301, 304, 310, and 311, of the Act, Executive Order 2/2h.^^^ ^'^^^' 11074 of January 8, 1963, and for expenses necessary in the Office of 3 CFR 1959the Director, Bureau of Health Services, $49,931,000, of which $7,200,- i96^3 comp., 000 shall be available for special grants for health of migratory work- ^' ers: Provided, That $4,320,000 may be transferred to this appropriation, as authorized by section 201(g)(1) of the Social Security Act, as amended, from any one or all of the trust funds referred to therein 79 Stat. 338. and may be expended for functions delegated to the Surgeon General " ^ "^^ '*°^' ^ by the Secretary under title X VIII of the Social Security Act. H Jta^- ^ll^_ P A T I E N T CARE A N D SPECIAL H E A L T H


For carrying out the functions of the Public Health Service, not otherwise provided for, under the Act of August 8, 1946 (5 U.S.C. 7901), and under sections 301, 311, 321, 322, 324, 326, 328, 331, 332, 502, and 504 of the Act, section 810 of the Act of July 1, 1944, as amended (33 U.S.C. 763c), the Act of July 19, 1963 (Public Law 88-71), and Private Law 419 of the Eighty-third Congress, as amended: $70,443,000, of which $1,200,000 shall be available only for payments to the State of Hawaii for care and treatment of persons afflicted with leprosy: Provided, That when the Public Health Service establishes or operates a health service program for any department or agency, payment for the estimated cost shall be made Toy way of reimbursement or in advance for deposit to the credit of this appropriation.

^^l^^^^^\ '^^^' 42'use^^248 249, 251,253! ^^J^'222^'^^^' 77 Stat. 83. ^^ g^^^ '^l^^-