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[82 STAT. 1045]
[82 STAT. 1045]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]


"SEC. 912. The Secretary shall allocate fellowships under this part among institutions of higher education with programs approved under the provisions of this part for the use of individuals accepted into such programs, in such manner and according to such plan as will insofar as practicable— "(1) provide an equitable distribution of such fellowships throughout the United States; and " (2) attract recent college graduates to pursue a career in public service. "APPROVAL OF PROGRAMS

"SEC. 913. The Secretary shall approve a graduate or professional program of an institution of higher education only upon application by the institution and only upon his findings— "(1) that such program has as a principal or significant objective the education of persons for the public service, or the education of persons in a profession or vocation for whose practitioners there is a significant and continuing need in the public service as determined by the Secretary after such consultation with other agencies as may be appropriate; " (2) that such program is in effect and of high quality, or can readily be put into effect and may reasonably be expected to be of high quality; " (3) that the application describes the relation of such program to any p r o - a m, activity, research, or development set forth by the applicant m an application, if any, submitted pursuant to part A; and "(4) that the application contains satisfactory assurance that (A) the institution will recommend to the Secretary, for the award of fellowships under this part, for study in such program, only persons of superior promise who have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the institution a serious intent to enter the public service upon completing the program, and (B) the institution will make reasonable continuing efforts to encourage recipients of fellowships under this part, enrolled in such program, to enter the public service upon completing the program. ((STIPENDS "SEC. 914. (a) The Secretary shall pay to persons awarded fellowships under this part such stipends (including such allowances for subsistence and other expenses for such persons and their dependents) as he may determine to be consistent with prevailing prsictices under comparable federally supported programs. "(b) The Secretary shall (m addition to the stipends paid to persons under subsection (a)) pay to the institution of higher education at which such person is pursuing his course of study such amount as the Commissioner may determine to be consistent with prevailing practices under comparable federally supported programs. a FELLOWSHIP CONDITIONS

"SEC. 915. A person awarded a fellowship under the provisions of this part shall continue to receive the payments provided in this part only during such periods as the Secretary finds that he is maintaining satisfactory proficiencv and devoting full time to study or research in the field in which such fellowship was awarded in an institution of