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PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968


PUBLIC LAW 90-284-APR. i l l j 19681 ol^^sqs'yi

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"Bklj'^^. l:^y^o'ah{bnW^i'6c^^\n^'iieM^^ court or agency of the United States immediately prior to any session of jurisdiction by the United States pursuant to this title shall abate by reason of that cessioii, For the purpose^ of any such action or proceeding, such cession shall take effect on the day following the date of tinal determination of such action or proceeding. (b) No cession made by the United States under this title shall deprive any court of the United States of jurisdiction to hear, determiiie^ render judgment, or inipese sentence in any criminal action instituted against any person for= any offense committed before the effective date of siiiQh>cession, if the oft'ense charged in such action wasr cognizable under aary: laiw of' the United States at the time of the com-^ > mission of such offehse. For the; purposes of any such criminal action,; such; cession shall take effect on the <iayfollo^^:iiag4&g;-4^te ol §^^h determination of such;ac5tion^:.i; .in,fi'>rpjs k) H^iHim'j Ihh ywiil IUHIK /h'lqoiq ajji/iiff 'ju;^/io>.f-j(| '>]/;/rtq o) iioilir)ifq<[K UriBus^ SP:C. 40^. State jurisdictioiifacquiredrpujrspaJititQrthis^^ i^^^^ with respect to criminal off'enses or civil causes of action, or with respect to: both, shall be applicable in 5 Indian country only where the enrolled Indians within the affected area, of such Indian country accept such jurisdiction by a majority vote of the adult Indians voting at a special election held for that purpose. The Secretary of the Interior shall call such special election under such rules and regulati<ms as he may prescribe, when requested to do so by the tribal council or Other governing body, or by 20iper centum of such enrolled adults. TITLE V — OF F E f e E S W I T t t l N I N D I A N COUNTE^^^^^^ 80 Stat. 1100.

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SEC. 501. Section 1153 o f title 18 of the United States Code is

amended by inserting immediately after "weapon,", the following: "assault resulting in serious bodily ill jury,". •'.smiirj Irn'.) TITLE VI^EMPLOYlvrKNT O F LEGAL COUNSEL -OlbsfTrfi; j i 7 ( ') - i c i !? ' ' ': •


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^^M§9'M)I9Nbt'#ithstanding ahy^ther provision of law, if any appli^i catifin made by ah Indian, Indian tribe, Indian council, or any band or group of Indians under any law requiring the approval of the Sec:>8a 8f; ^rfetary of the Interior or the Commissioner of Indian Affairs of contracts or agreements relating to the employment of legal counsel (inleaqrM cluding the cholce of couhscl and the fixing of fees) by any such Indians, tribe, council, band, or group is neither granted nor denied within ninety days following the making of such application, such approval shall be deemed to have been granted. .TITLE VII — M A T E R I A L S R E L A T I N G TO C O N S T I T U -


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stetH limit.rni^^cKEJAft^' €^'iif*feftl(Ml^ '^^^is^'Toerr mii oi ifovi^ ifi'g'J! Tiifi T/oino'j <>i,'>u 7;, r a ') - / •: •.. - ,; - : - iNMinlrfeaoo "^fieiTfe^'^iftt) 'Itlf'witers^hkt th^ constitutional rights of* liidjans might be fully protected, the Secretary of the Interior is authorized and'directed tfi^—t '