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[82 STAT. 1447]
[82 STAT. 1447]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]



STATUES OF FATHER DAMIEN AND KING juiy 15, iggg KAMEHAMEHA I-ACCEPTANCE [S.Con. Res. 75] Re>iolved by the Senate {the House of Representatives eoneurring), That the statues of Father Damien and King Kamehameha I, presented by the State of Hawaii for the National Statuary Hall collection, are accepted in the name of the United States, and that the appreciation of the Cong-ress is expressed to the State for the contribution of the statues of two of its most eminent personages, illustrious for their historic renown and distinguished civic services. SEC. '2. The State of Hawaii is hereby authorized to place tem- Temporary porarily in the rotunda of the Capitol the statues of Father Damien ^ ^""^"*and King Kamehameha I referred to in the first section of this concurrent resolution, and to hold ceremonies in the rotunda on said occasion. The Architect of the (^apitol is hereby authorized to make the necessary arrangements therefor. SEC". 8. (a) The proceedings authorized by section 2 of this concurrent Printing oi preresolution to be held in the rotunda of the (^apitol, together with appro- in^s as senat'e l)riate illustrations and other jjertinent matter, shall be printed as a document. Senate document. The copy for such document shall be prepared under the direction of the Joint Committee on Printing. (b) There shall be printed five thousand additional copies of such Additional fk)cument, which shall be bound in such style as the Joint Committee c o p i e s. on Printing shall direct, of which one hundred and three copies shall be for the use of the Senate and two thousand eight hundred and fiftyeight copies shall be for the use of the Members of the Senate ivom the State of Hawaii, and four hundred and thirty-nine copies shall be for the use of the House of Representatives and one thousand six hundred copies shall be for the use of the Members of the House of Representatives from the State of Hawaii. SEC. 4. A copy of this concurrent resolution, suitably engrossed and duly authenticated, shall be transmitted to the Governor of Hawaii. Agreed to July 15, 1968. July 17, 1968

CORRECTION IN ENROLLMENT OF H. R. 9098 [H. Con. Res. 798] Resolved by the House of Representatives {the /Senate concurring), That the Clerk of the House of Representatives, in the enrollment of the bill (H.R. 9098) to revise the boundaries of the Badlands National Ante, p. 663. Monument in the State of South Dakota, to authorize exchanges of land mutually beneficial to the Oglala Sioux Tribe and the United States, and for other purposes, is authorized and directed to make the following change, viz: In lieu of the language appearing on page 4, lines 9 through 21 of the House engrossed bill and the Senate amendment thereto, insert the following: "(b) Any former Indian or non-Indian owner of a tract of such land, whether title was held in trust or fee, may purchase such tract from the Secretary of the Interior under the following terms and conditions: "(1) The purchase price to a former Indian owner shall be the total amount paid by the United States to acquire such tract and

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