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[82 STAT. 1684]
[82 STAT. 1684]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Table 10 is a catch-all table designed as a finding aid to relationships which are expressed in general terms. Listed in this table are all public laws in this volume which contain such provisions as "notwithstanding any other provision of law," and "all laws in conflict with this law are hereby repealed." Tables 11-19 cover all other cases in which prior laws or other Federal instruments are mentioned in the text of the public laws in this volume, without regard to the purpose underlying such reference. In each of the basic groups the first and largest table is entitled "General Legislation," and contains listings of all laws affected which have not been codified in the Revised Statutes, the Internal Revenue Codes, the Canal Zone Code, or in those titles of the United States Code or District of Columbia Code which have been enacted into law. Succeeding tables cover these codified provisions, as well as other instruments such as reorganization plans, veterans' regulations, Executive orders and proclamations, and treaties and international agreements. The numbering of the tables in the two groups is parallel. Thus Table 2 and Table 12 both relate to the Revised Statutes; Table 7 and Table 17 both relate to veterans' regulations. Table 1 is arranged chronologically. In preparing this table the "basic act" principle has been followed. Under this principle the key listing of amendatory legislation will be found under the basic act affected, rather than under intervening amendments thereto. Furthermore, all laws included are treated as if tables covering prior volumes of the United States Statutes at Large were in existence. Thus, no attempt is made to give an historical picture of a law, and only the latest amendment in the chain will be reflected. Occasionally, to promote clarity, cross references have been supplied at key points. Users of Table 1 should, therefore, look under the date, public law number, or statutes volume and page number of the basic act affected, in order to determine whether changes have been made by the public laws contained in this volume. Although a given section of any act may have been added at a later date, the section is carried under the date and statutes citation of the basic act. For this reason the page numbers in the column headed "Statutes volume and page" are the numbers of the page on which each act begins. All tables are arranged chronologically, except where the existence of a system of codification makes possible a sequential arrangement from the lowest to the highest title or section number. In Tables 1-10 there is a "Comment" column, in which the nature of the affecting action is described. These are editorial comments, intended to reflect what is patent in the laws reviewed, and every effort has been made to avoid interpretations. In Tables 11-19 the "Comment" column is unnecessary, since in each instance the comment would be "Cited" or "Referred to." In these tables, moreover, the number of columns has been held to a minimum in the interest of brevity. Thus Table 11 contains only three columns listing the date and number of the law referred to, and the page number in this volume at which the reference may be found. Caveat. All the tables are editorially compiled and presented as reference guides only. Hence they have no evidentiary status or legal effect. Indirect or implied relationships are not included. These may be found through use of the Subject Index or through research based on the text itself. The Office of the Federal Register invites criticisms or suggestions with a view to improving the tables wherever possible.