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PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Agricultural Trade Development and As- Pase Agriculture, Department of—Continued Page sistance Act of 1954—Continued Commodity Credit Corporation. See Amendments —Continued separate title. Population growth, voluntary proC o m m o d i t y Exchange Act. See separate gram to control, use of funds 450 title. Commodity Exchange Authority, a p Transaction from foreign ciu-rency to propriation for 308, 646, 1190 dollars.-_ 450 Conservation reserve program, approAppropriation for effecting provisions. _ 411, priation for 648 442, 652, 669, 942 Consolidated Farmers H o m e AdminAgriculture, Department of: istration Act 1961— Agricultural Act of 1949, amendments, Amendments— extra long staple cotton, price supHawaii, farm improvement loans p o r t; sale a t m a r k e t prices 702, 703 leased lands, time e x t e n s i o n... 445 Agricultural Act of 1956, appropriation Loans to supplement income; confor efifecting provisions 439 version to recreational use; Agricultural Act of 1961, appropriation water and sewer development for ejGfecting provisions 645 grants, etc 770 Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938. Appropriation for effecting proviSee separate title. sions 643, 650,651 Agricultural commodities. See indiConsumer and Marketing Service, a p vidual commodities. propriation for 308, 325, 644, 1190 Agricultural Conservation Program, a p Cooperative State Research Service, propriation for 647 appropriation for 324, 641 Agricultural cooperative associations, Cropland adjustment program, a p p r o certain exemption under I n t e r s t a t e priation for 648 Commerce Act; inspection of acDairy farmers— counts, etc 448 Appropriation for 1190 Agricultural Fair Practices Act of 1967. 93 I n d e m n i t y payments program, exAgricultural M a r k e t i n g Act of 1946, a p tension 750 propriation for effecting provisions. 641, Dairy p r o d u c t s — 644 Price support program, extension 996 Agricultural M a r k e t i n g Agreement Act Tariff schedules, proclamation.. 1605, 1618 of 1937, appropriation for effecting Economic Research Service, appropriprovisions 645 ation for . ^_ 307, 644 Agricultural Research Service, a p p r o Emergency disaster loans to farmers, priation for 307, 639 authorization for temporary fundAgricultural Stabilization and Consering of Emergency Credit Revolving vation Service, appropriation for.. 308, Fund 169 646, 1190 Extension Service, appropriation for 307, Agricultural Stabilization and Conser641, 1190 vation Service county committees, F a r m Credit Act of 1933, amendments — former employees, extension of cerBanks for cooperatives, retirement of tain benefits to 277 Government capital 1145 Agricultural Trade Development and Production credit associations— Assistance Act of 1954. See separate Capital funds, improvement . 183 title. Retirement of Government Capital. 1154 Animal D r u g Amendments of 1968 342 F a r m Credit Act of 1953, amendments, Appropriation Act, 1969 639 production credit associations, reAppropriation for 307, tirement of Government capital 1145 314,324,438,639, 1190 F a r m Credit Administration, approBank head-J ones F a r m T e n a n t Act, priation for 335, 653 appropriation for effecting proF a r m e r Cooperative Service, approvisions 643, 651 priation for 324, 641 Child Nutrition Act of 1966— Farmers H o m e Administration, approAmendments, school breakfast propriation for 310, 650, 1191 gram 119 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, Appropriation for effecting proviappropriation for 310, 652 sions 645