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[82 STAT. A10]
[82 STAT. A10]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Civil Service Commission: Page Coal Research, Office of, appropriation Page Appropriation for 312, 335, 939 for 432 Leave for Federal employees attending Coast Guard, United States. See also funeral of immediate relatives servArmed Forces; Defense, Department ing in Armed Forces, regulations. _ 1151 of. Claims: Aircraft, vessels, facilities, etc., appropriation authorization 171 [NOTE: For actions concerning individuals, see Appropriation for 334, 654 Individual Index, following this Subject Index.] Court-martial, persons charged as reDefense, Department of, appropriation sult of, allowances 288 for payment 1125 Military claims— Departments and agencies, appropriaPayment with Coast Guard funds 875 tion for 239,321, 1198 Settlement authority 877 El Dorado, Kans., payment for settleOflBcers, limitation, increase 293 ment 108 Reserve components— Fishing vessels, unlawful seizure, proStrength 850 tection 730 Training, appropriation for 655 Foreign assistance program, damages Vessels, fishing, inspections, leadlines, for false claims 965 etc., exemption from requirements. 341 Gilmer County,' Ga., development of Cochiti Indians, Pueblo of, long-term airport, settlement 242 leasing of land 1003 Indian claims. See Indians. Code, United States. See United States International Claims Settlement Act of Code. 1949— Coffee Agreement Act of 1968, InterAmendments— national 1348 Attorney's fees, limitation; payColonial Dames of America, National ments procedure, etc 420 Society of the, tax exemption of Bulgarian and Rumanian claims, certain property in District of Columsettlement 421 bia 634 Appropriation for effecting provisions 673 Colorado: Animas-La Plata Project Compact, Military claims— member 898 Application of local law 875 Colorado River Basin project, authoriSettlement authority 874, 877 zation 885 Military Personnel and Civilian EmDenver, National Jewish Hospital Save ployees' Claims Act of 1964, amendYour Breath Month, designation. _ 71 ment, personal property claims Colorado River Basin Project Act 885 against District of Columbia by employees, settlement 998 Columbus Day: National holiday 250 National insurance development proProclamation, 1968 1655 gram, settlement 563 Colville Reservation, Confederated Tribes Padre Island National Seashore, Tex., of the. Wash., judgment funds, distriappropriation authorization 1155 bution 69,882 United States, overpayment of Federal employees, waiver 1212 Comanche, Apache, and Kiowa Tribes, Okla., judgment funds, use 880 Claims, Court of: Appropriation for 323, 684 Commerce, Department of: Aircraft, loan guarantees program, exConfederated Tribes of Colville Reservatension 1003 tion and Yakima Tribes of Yakima Appropriation Act, 1969 677 Reservation, settlement of rights to Appropriation for 318, 325, 677, 1197 judgment fund 69 Business and Defense Services AdminisClaims Commission, Indian, appropriatration, appropriation for 325, 678 tion for 336, 441 Business Economics, Office of, approClaims Settlement Commission, Foreign, priation for 325, 677 appropriation for 336, 687 Census, Bureau of the— Clean Air Act, appropriation for effecting Appropriation for 325, 677 provisions 981 Economic censuses, 1967, appropriaCoal Mine Safety Board of Review, tion for 677 Federal, appropriation for 335, 440