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[82 STAT. A28]
[82 STAT. A28]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Page Health, Education, and Welfare, Depart- Page ment of—Continued 883 Drug Abuse Control Amendments of 1965, functions under, transfer to 1172 Attorney General 1367 830 Education. See separate title. 1005 Education, Office of. See separate title. Electronic product radiation control. _ 1173 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 842 amendments— Animal drugs, new, consolidation of 863 provisions regardin g 342 1172 LSD, and other hallucinogenic drugs, 842 penalties for possession, etc 1361 1213 Food and Drug Administration, appropriation for 327, 974 H Freed men's Hospital, appropriation Handicapped: for 328, 990 Blind. See separate title. Gallaudet College, appropriation for. 328, 989 Government buildings, accessibility to General provisions. Appropriation Act. 991, physically handicapped 719 994 National Employ the Physically HandiGovernment buildings, accessibility to capped Week, 1968, proclamation. 1653 physically handicapped, design, etc. 719 Preschool programs for children 901 Handicapped Children's Early EducaPresident's Committee on Employment tion Assistance Act 901 of the Handicapped— Appropriation for 972 Health Manpower Act of 1968— Funds, increased authorization; omisAllied health professions and public sion of "physically" from title. _ 306 health training 788 Teachers, grants for training 1096, 1097 Health professions training 773 Vocational Rehabilitation Amendments Health research facilities 789 of 1968 297 Nurse training 780 Handicapped Children's Early Education Howard University, appropriation for__ 328, Assistance Act 901 989 Appropriation for effecting provisions. 1195 Interagency Advisory Committee on Hatch Act (Experiment Stations), approCompensation for Motor Vehicle priation for effecting provisions 641 Accident Losses, member 127 Hawaii: Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Farm improvement loans on leased Control Act of 1968 462 lands, time extension 445 National Eye Institute, establishment.. 771 Statues of Father Damien and King National Institutes of Health, approKamehameha I, presentation to priation for 327, 982 Capitol, acceptance 1447 National Technical Institute for the Veterans, nursing home care 1202 Deaf, appropriation for 989 Health, Education, and Welfare, DepartPublic Health Service. See separate title. ment of: Radiation Control for Health and Safety Aging, Administration on, appropriation Act of 1968 1173 for 328 Refugees in the United States, approAmerican Printing House for the Blind, priation for 1142 appropriation for 989 Saint Elizabeths Hospital— Animal Drug Amendments of 1968 342 Appropriation for 328, 984 Appropriation Act, 1969 974 United States prisoners, reimburseAppropriation for.. 315, 687, 974, 1142, 1195 ment for care of 675 Construction industry, employment staSecretary, Office of the, appropriation bilization, cooperation 1355 for -990 District of Columbia Air Pollution ConSocial and Rehabilitation Service, aptrol Act 458 District of Columbia Medical Facilities propriation for 1195 Construction Act of 1968 631 Social Security Act. See separate title. Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge Wilderness Area, N.J., designation. _ Guam: Economic development loans; report Federal-aid highway program, study. _ Medical program, regional, inclusion Organic Act of Guam, Amendments, popular election of Governor and lieutenant Rehabilitation program, increased appropriation, authorization Guam Development Fund Act of 1968 Guam Elective Governor Act Gun Control Act of 1968