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[82 STAT. A51]
[82 STAT. A51]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Page Public Health Service—Continued Page Public Health Service—'Continued Solid Waste Act— Community M e n t a l Health Centers Amendments, research and developActAmendments— m e n t program, extension; appropriation authorization 1013 Alcoholism, t r e a t m e n t a t commuAppropriation for effecting provinity level 1006 sions 432, 981 Narcotic addiction, rehabilitation.- 1009 Appropriation for effecting proviSurgeon General, Office of the, approsions 984 priation for 979 Dependents' Medical Care Act, approUniversal Military Training and Service priation for effecting provisions 985 Act, amendment, reserve comDisease Prevention and Environmental ponents, reemployment 790 Control, appropriation for 980 Vocational rehabilitation research and F l a m m a b l e Fabrics Act, appropriations training, appropriation for 987 for effecting provisions 981 Water Quality Act of 1965, appropriaHealth Manpower, appropriation for_-_ 979 tion for effecting provisions 981 Health Services, appropriation for 981 Public Health Service Act: Hospital and Medical Facilities ConAmendments— struction Modernization AssistAllied health professions and public ance Amendments of 1968 1011 health training, extension of Indian health activities, appropriation program 788 for 315,440 Electronic product radiation c o n t r o l. _ 1173 J o h n E. Fogarty International Center for Health professions training, extension Advanced Study in the Health of program 773 Sciences, appropriation for 983 Health research facilities, construcMedical and dental officers, continuation grants 789 tion pay, conditions 1187 Hospital and medical facilities, grants Medical Library Assistance Act of 1965, for, extension 1011 appropriation for effecting proviMemorials and other acknowledgsions 984 ments 1012 Mental R e t a r d a t i o n Facilities and ComMigratory workers, family health m u n i t y M e n t a l Health Centers service clinics, extension of Construction Act of 1963, amendgrants 1006 ments National Advisory Council on ProfesNonduplication of program 1011 sions Education a l Assistance, reState allotments, use 1012 named 777 Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation Act of National Advisory Council on Region1966, appropriation authorization al Medical Programs, additional for program 1011 members; term extension 1005 National Center for Health Statistics, National E y e Institute, establishappropriation for 984 ment 771 National Institute for Neurological Nurse training, extension of program. 780 Disease, renamed 772, 1362 Regional medical programs, extenNational Institutes of Health — sion; appropriation authorizaAppropriation for 327, 982 tion 1005 National E y e Institute, establishScientific, professional, and adminisment 771 t r a t i v e personnel, compensation National Library of Medicine, approfor two 1012 priation for 984 Technical Electronic P r o d u c t R a d i a Saint Elizabeths Hospital— tion Safety Standard s CommitAppropriation for 328, 984 tee, establishment 1179 United States prisoners, reimburseAppropriation for effecting provisions. _ 9 7 8 ment for care of 675 987 Social and Rehabilitation Service, apPublic Land Law Review Commission, propriation for_ 985, 1195 appropriation for 336, 442