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[82 STAT. 203]
[82 STAT. 203]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 90-351-JUNE 19, 1968


control of riots and other violent civil disorders on the basis of applications describing in detail the programs, projects, and costs of the items for which the grants will be used, and the relationship of the programs and projects to the applicant's general program for the improAcment of law enforcement. PART D — T R A I N I N G, EDUCATION, RESEARCH, DEMONSTRATION, AND SPECIAL GRANTS

SEC. 401. I t is the purpose of this part to provide for and encourage training, education, research, and development for the purpose of improving law enforcement and developing new methods for the pre\ ention and reduction of crime, and the detection and apprehension of criminals. National SEC. 402. (a) There is established within the Department of Justice tute of Law InstiEna National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice (here- forcement and after referred to in this part as "Institute"). The Institute shall be criminal justice under the general authority of the Administration. I t shall be the pur- Establishment. pose of the Institute to encourage research and development to improve and strengthen law enforcement. Functions. (b) The Institute is authorized (1) to make grants to, or enter into contracts with, public AI a ^'tu agencies, institutions of higher education, or private organizations to conduct research, demonstrations, or special projects pertaining to the purposes described in this title, including the development of new or improved approaches, techniques, systems, equipment, and devices to impro\'e and strengthen law enforcement; i (2) to make continuing studies and undertake programs of^ research to develop new or improved approaches, techniques, systems, equipment, and de\ices to improve and strengthen law enforcement, including, but not limited to, the effectiveness of projects or programs carried out under this title; (3) to carry out programs of behavioral research designed to provide more accurate information on the causes of crime and the effectiveness of various means of preventing crime, and to evaluate the success of correctional procedures; (4) to make recommendations for action which can be taken by Federal, State, and local governments and by private persons and organizations to improve and strengthen law enforcement; (5) to carry out programs of instructicmal assistance consisting of research fellowships for the programs provided under this section, and special workshops for the presentation and dissemination of information resulting from research, demonstrations, and special projects authorized by this title. (6) to carry out a program of collection and dissemination of information obtained by the Institute or other Federal agencies, public agencies, institutions of higher education, or private organizations engaged in projects under this title, including information relating to new or improved approaches, techniques, systems, equipment, and devices to improve and strengthen lawenforcement; and (7) to establish a research center to carry out the programs described in this section. -^ SEC. 403. A grant authorized under this part may be up to 100 Grants, amount. per centum of the total cost of each project for which such grant is made. The Administration shall require, whenever* feasible, as a Conditions. condition of approval of a grant under this part, that the recipient contribute money, facilities, or services to carry out the purpose for which the grant is sought.