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[82 STAT. 369]
[82 STAT. 369]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 90-408-JULY 21, 1968 (Military District of Washington)

Fort McNair, District of Columbia: Troop housing, $167,000. UNITED STATES AKMY MATERIEL COMMAND

Aeronautical Maintenance Center, Texas: Maintenance facilities, $H,()56,00O. Atlanta Army Depot, Georgia: Operational facilities, $107,000. Burlington Army Ammunition Plant, New Jersey: Utilities, $164,000. Fort Detrick, Maryland: Research, development, and test facilities, $6,433,000. Dugway Proving Ground, ITtah: Operational facilities, $1,787,000. Joliet Army Ammunition Plant, Illinois: Utilities, $2,188,000. Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, Missouri: Utilities, $472,0(K). Lexington Army Depot, Kentucky: Maintenance facilities, $75,000. Fort Monmouth, New Jersey: Operational facilities, and troop housing, $1,307,000. New Cumberland Army Depot, Pennsylvania: Operational facilities, $638,000. Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey: Research, development, and test facilities, $337,000. Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas: Utilities, $169,000. Pueblo Army Depot, Colorado: Maintenance facilities, $846,000. Red River Army Depot, Texas: Maintenance facilities, $372,000. Redstone Arsenal, Alabama: Research, development, and test facilities, $3,255,000. Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois: Production facilities, $432,000. Sacramento Army Depot, California: Maintenance facilities, $855,000. Savanna Army Depot, Illinois: Maintenance facilities, $297,000. Sierra Army Depot, California: Training facilities and troop housing, $170,000. Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant, Kansas: Utilities, $460,000. Tooele Army Depot, U t a h: Operational facilities, and maintenance facilities, $2,283,000. White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico: Research, development, and test facilities, $1,435,000. Fort Wingate Army Depot, New Mexico: Utilities, $162,000. Yuma Test Station, Arizona: Maintenance facilities, $736,000. UNITED STATES ARMY AIR DEFENSE COMMAND

CONUS, various locations: Operational and. training facilities, maintenance facilities, supply facilities, medical facilities, administrative facilities, troop housing, community facilities, utilities, and real estate, $227,460,000.