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[82 STAT. 513]
[82 STAT. 513]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 90-448-AUG. 1, 1968


in excess of 75 per centum of the appraised value of the property, as of the date the mortgage is accepted for insurance. The mortgage shall cover a dwelling for single-family occupancy which is approved for mortgage insurance prior to the beginning of construction. The dwelling need not be designed for year-round occupancy, but it shall (1) meet standards prescribed by the Secretary, and (2) be located in an area where the Secretary finds it is not practicable to obtain conformity with many of the requirements essential to the insuring of mortgages on housing in built-up urban areas. The development of the property with respect to which the mortgage is executed shall be consistent with the conservation of water and other natural resources of the area, and such property shall be an acceptable risk, giving consideration to the economic potential of the area in which the dw^elling is located and the contribution that the housing will make toward improving the area. The Secretary may suspend the issuance of commitments under this subsection for the insurance of mortgages secured by properties situated in any area, whenever he determines that (i) there is a serious and unusual shortage of mortgage funds for residential construction in such area, (ii) such insurance would affect materially and adversely the availability of mortgage funds for residential construction in such area, and (iii) such suspension would not have an adverse impact upon the balanced economic development of the area." TITLE IV—GUARANTEES FOR FINANCING NEW COMMUNITY LAND DEVELOPMENT CITATION

SEC. 401. This title may be referred to as the "New Communities Act of 1968. PURPOSE

SEC. 402. It is the purpose of this title, by facilitating the enlistment of private capital in new community development, to encourage the development of new communities that— (1) contribute to the general betterment of living conditions through the improved quality of community development made possible by a consistent design for the provision of homes, commercial and industrial facilities, public and community facilities, and open spaces; (2) make substantial contributions to the sound and economic growth of the areas in which they are located; (3) provide needed additions to the general housing supply; (4) provide opportunities for innovation in housing and community development technology and in land use planning; (5) enlarge housing and employment opportunities by increasing the range of housing choice and providing new investment opportunities for industry and commerce; (6) encourage the maintenance and growth of a diversified local homebuilding industry; and (7) include, to the greatest extent feasible, the employment of new and improved technology, techniques, materials, and methods in housing construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance under programs administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development with a view to reducing the cost of such construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance, and stimulating the increased and sustained production of housing under such programs.

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