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[82 STAT. 520]
[82 STAT. 520]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968


42 USC U5°4.

PUBLIC LAW 90-448-AUG. 1, 1968

" (b) No portion of the cost of a public improvement or public facility (to the extent otherwise eligible) may be included as a local grant-in-aid in computing the gross project cost of an approved program for any twelve-month period— "(1) prior to commencement of construction of the improvement or facility, or " (2) in excess of the amount actually expended or obligated by contract. "(<^) The provisions of section 104 with respect to the pooling of local grants-m-aid among the various projects undertaken by a local public agency shall not be applicable with respect to any excess local grants-in-aid resulting from the urban renewal projects contained in a neighborhood development program. ((GENERAL

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II use U53 79 Stat. 475. 42 USC 1455. 42 us^c i^^e

42 us^c 14^6^0'

71 Stat. 3 0 1.

60 Stat. 794 68 Stat. 630

D^c". coX 5705,5-717a.

[82 STAT.


"SEC. 134. (a) For purposes of this part— '^i^) ^^® workable program requirement in section 101(c) shall apply to the authorization, rather than the execution, of any contract for loans or capital grants; "(2) capital grants on a three-fourths basis may only be made "^^^^^«^^ti«^ 10^(^) (2)(B).; "(3) the relocation requirements specified in section 105(c) shall apply to each annual increment of an approved program; " ( ^) section 106(g) (relating to transient housing) shall apply to activities undertaken under approved programs, except that the determination as to need for transient housing shall be made with respect to any sale or lease of land for construction of such housing prior to such sale or lease; and "(5) the requirement concerning demolition and removal of buildings and improvements stated in clause (A) of the sentence following paragraph (10) of section 110(c) shall apply to each annual increment of an approved program. " (b) The approval by the Secretary of financial assistance for one or more annual increments of a neighborhood development program shall not be considered as obligating him to provide financial assistance for any subsequent annual increments. "(c) The urban renewal plan referred to in section 110(b) may cover one or more of the urban renewal areas covered by a neighborhood development program and such plan may be modified from time to time to cover additional urban renewal areas added to the program. The Secretary may establish such requirements as he deems appropriate prescribing the scope and content of such plan, taking into consideration, among other matters, the degree of detail needed in the plan to properly and expeditiously carry out the activities and undertakings proposed in any annual increment of a neighborhood development program." (c) Notwithstanding any requirement or condition to the contrary in section 6 or 20(i) of the District of Columbia Redevelopment Act of 1945 or in any other provision of law, the District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency may plan and undertake neighborhood development programs under part B of title I of the Housing Act of 1949 (as added by this section), subject to all of the provisions of such Act of 1945 to the extent not inconsistent with such part B, and any such program shall be regarded as complying with the requirements of such sections 6 and 20(i) and of such other provision of law if it meets the applicable requirements established under such part B.