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[82 STAT. 573]
[82 STAT. 573]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 90-448-AUG. 1, 1968


through a program of flood insurance which can complement and encourage preventive and protective measures; and (4) if such a program is initiated and carried out <>Taduall|^, it can be expanded as knowledge is gained and experience is appraised, thus eventually making flood insurance coverage available on reasonable terms and conditions to persons who have need for such protection. (b) The Congress also finds that (1) many factors have made it uneconomic for the private insurance industry alone to make flood insurance available to those in need of such protection on reasonable terms and conditions; but (2) a program of flood insurance with largescale participation of the Federal (xovernment and carried out to the maximum extent practicable by the private insurance industry is feasible and can be initiated. (c) The Congress further finds that (1) a program of flood insurance can promote the public interest by providing appropriate protection against the perils of flood losses and encouraging sound land use by minimizing exposure of property to flood losses; and (2) the objectives of a flood insurance program should be integrally related to a unified national program for flood plain management and, to this end, it is the sense of Congress that within two years following the effective date of this title the President should transmit to the Congress for its Proposals consideration any further proposals necessary for such a unified cong|^'"s^'^ *° program, including proposals for the allocation of costs among beneficiaries of flood protection. (d) I t is therefore the purpose of this title to (1) authorize a flood insurance program by means of which flood insurance, over a period of time, can be made available on a nationwide basis through the cooperative efforts of the Federal Government and the private insurance industry, and (2) provide flexibility in the program so that such flood insurance may be based on workable methods of pooling risks, minimizing costs, and distributing burdens equitably among those who will be protected by flood insurance and the general public. (e) It is the further purpose of this title to (1) encourage State and local governments to make appropriate land UFB adjustments to constrict the development of land which is exposed to flood damage and minimize damage caused by flood losses, (2) guide the development of proposed future construction, where practicable, away from locations which are threatened by flood hazards, (3) encourage lending and credit institutions, as a matter of national policy, to assist in furthering the' objectives of the flood insurance program, (4) assure that any Federal assistance provided under the program will be related closely to all flood-related programs and activities of the Federal Government, and (5) authorize continuing studies of flood hazards in order to provide for a constant reappraisal of the flood insurance program and its eflFect on land use requirements. AMENDMENTS TO THE


SEC. 1303. (a) The second sentence of section 15(e) of the Federal Flood Insurance Act of 1956 (79 Stat. 1078) is amended— 7o Stat. io84. (1) by striking out "rate" the second time it appears in such " ^ ^^^ ^'*^'^'

sentence, and inserting in lieu thereof "market yield", and (2) by striking out "as of the last day of", and inserting in lieu thereof "during". (b) Section 15(e) of such Act is further amended by striking out the last sentence thereof. (c) Sections 2 through 14, subsections (a) through (d), and (f) Repeal. and (g) of section 15, and sections 16 through 23 of such Act are et seq. hereby repealed.