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[82 STAT. 600]
[82 STAT. 600]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968


78 Stat. 452. 42 USC 291d.

12 USC 1713.

PUBLIC LAW 90-448-AUG. 1, 1968

going matters, the Secretary may make such contracts with and acquire for not to exceed $100 such stock or interest in such mortgagor as he may deem necessary. Any stock or interest so purchased shall be paid for out of the General Insurance Fund, and shall be redeemed by the mortgagor at par upon the termination of all obligations of the Secretary under the insurance. "(2) The mortgage shall involve a principal obligation in an amount not to exceed $25,000,000, and not to exceed 90 per centum of the estimated replacement cost of the property or project, including equipment to be used in the operation of the hospital, when the proposed improvements are completed and the equipment is installed. "(3) The mortgage shall— " (A) provide for complete amortization by periodic payments within such term as the Secretary shall prescribe, and " (B) bear interest (exclusive of premium charges for insurance and service charges, if any) at not to exceed such per centum per annum (not in excess of 6 per centum), on the amount of the principal obligation outstanding at any time, as the Secretary finds necessary to meet the mortgage market. "(4) The Secretary shall not insure any mortgage under this section unless he has received, from the State agency designated in accordance with section 604(a)(1) of the Public Health Service Act for the State in which is located the hospital covered by the mortgage, a certification that (A) there is a need for such hospital, and (B) there are in force in such State or the political subdivision of the State in which the proposed hospital would be located reasonable minimum standards of licensure and methods of operation for hospitals. No such mortgage shall be insured under this section unless the Secretary has received such assurance as he may deem satisfactory from the State agency that such standards will be applied and enforced with respect to any hospital located in the State for which mortgage insurance is provided under this section. "(e) The Secretary may consent to the release of a part or parts of the mortgaged property or project from the lien of any mortgage insured under this section upon such terms and conditions as he may prescribe. " (f) The activities and functions provided for in this section shall be carried out by the agencies involved so as to encourage programs that undertake responsibility to provide comprehensive health care, including outpatient and preventive care, as well as hospitalization, to a defined population. " (g)(1) Notwithstanding any of the other provisions of this title, the Secretary may insure under this section a mortgage which provides permanent financing or refinancing of existing mortgage indebtedness in the case of a hospital whose permanent financing is presently lacking, if the construction of such hospital was completed between January 1, 1966, and the date of the enactment of this Act. "(2) The aggregate principal balance of all mortgages insured under paragraph (1) and outstanding at any one time shall not exceed $20,000,000. " (h) The provisions of subsections (d), (e), (g), (h), (i), (j), (k), (1), and (n) of section 207 shall apply to mortgages insured under this section and all references therein to section 207 shall be deemed to refer to this section." LABOR

12 USC 1715c.

[82 STAT.


gEC. 1502. Section 212(a) of the National Housing Act is amended by inserting after the fifth sentence the following new sentence: "The provisions of this section.shall also apply to the insurance of any mortgage under section 242, except that compliance with such provisions