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[82 STAT. 727]
[82 STAT. 727]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 90-481-AUG. 12, 1968


(2) whether the plan is appropriate for the particular type of pipeline transportation; (3) the reasonableness of the plan; and (4) the extent to which such plan will contribute to public safety. RECORDS, REPORTS, AND INSPECTION FOR COMPLIANCE

SEC. 12. (a) Each person who engages in the transportation of gas or who owns or operates pipeline facilities shall establish and maintain such records, make such reports, and provide such information as the Secretary may reasonably require to enable him to determine whether such person has acted or is acting in compliance with this Act and the standards established under this Act. Each such person shall, upon request of an officer, employee, or agent authorized by the Secretary, permit such officer, employee, or agent to inspect books, papers, records, and documents relevant to determining whether such person has acted or is acting in compliance with this Act and the standards established pursuant to this Act. (b) The Secretary is authorized to conduct such monitoring of State P '






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enforcement practices and such other inspection and investigation as may be necessary to aid in the enforcement of the provisions of this Act and the standards established pursuant to this Act. He shall furnish the Attorney General any information obtained indicating noncompliance with such standards for appropriate action. For purposes of enforcement of this Act, officers, employees, or agents authorized by the Secretary, upon presenting appropriate credentials to the individual in charge, are authorized (1) to enter upon, at reasonable times, pipeline facilities, and (2) to inspect, at reasonable times and within reasonable limits and in a reasonable manner, such facilities. Each such inspection shall be commenced and completed with reasonable promptness. (c) Accident reports made by any officer, employee, or agent of the Department of Transportation shall be available tor use in any civil, criminal, or other judicial proceeding arising out of such accident, Any such officer, employee, or agent may be required to testify in such proceedings as to the facts developed in such investigations. Any such report shall be made available to the public in a manner which need not identify individuals. All reports on research projects, demonstration projects, and other related activities shall be public information. (d) All information reported to or otherwise obtained by the Secretary or his representative pursuant to subsection (a), (b), or (c) which information contains or relates to a trade secret referred to in section 1905 of title 18 of the United States Code shall be considered confidential for the purpose of that section, except that such information may be disclosed to other officers or employees concerned with carrying out this Act or when relevant in any proceeding under this Act. Nothing in this section shall authorize the withholding of information by the Secretary or any officer, employee, or agent under his control, from the duly authorized committees of the Congress.

Monitoring of state enforcement


Accident re^"Availability in judicial proceed'"^^•

62 Stat. 791.


SEC. 13. (a) The Secretary shall conduct research, testing, develop- Research and ment, and training necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act. ^com^^^t"! etc. The Secretary is authorized to carry out the provisions of this section by contract, or by grants to individuals, States, and nonprofit institutions. (b) Upon request, the Secretary shall furnish to the Federal Power. ^^^^*y °^ ""**" Commission any information he has concerning the safety of any "^^^' ^*


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