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[82 STAT. 749]
[82 STAT. 749]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. 1

PUBLIC LAW 90-48S-AUG. 13, 1968


SEC. 217. (a) No provision of law heretofore or hereafter enacted TVA power prowhich limits the number of persons who may be appointed as full-time ^"^^^ ^""^ oyees. civilian employees, or temporary and part-time employees, in the executive branch of the Government shall apply to employees of the Tennessee Valley Authority engaged in its power program and paid exclusively from other than appropriated funds. In applying any such provision of law to other departments and agencies in the executive branch, the number of such employees of the Tennessee Valley Authority shall not be taken into account. (b) No provision of law that seeks to limit expenditures and net lending during the fiscal year ending on June 30, 1969, under the Budget of the United States Government, shall apply to expenditures by the Tennessee Valley Authority out of the proceeds from its power operations, from the sale of any power program assets, or from power revenue bonds, notes, or other evidences of indebtedness. SEC. 218. The Chief of Engineers is directed to review the project P^OJ ect review; for the Devils Jumps Dam and Reservoir, Big South Fork of the 2^°;'.'°^°"' Cumberland River, Kentucky and Tennessee, and report to the Congress not later than December 31, 1969, on the feasibility of such project for the purposes of House Document Numbered 175, Eightyseventh Congress. The Chief of Engineers, the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture shall review and prepare such alternative plans as they may determine feasible and appropriate for the use of the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River and its tributaries in Kentucky and Tennessee and necessary contiguous areas for recreational, conservation, or preservation uses of such area and report to the Congress not later than December 31, 1969. The construction of such project or any alternative project shall not be initiated until such reports have been made to and approved by the Congress. Such funds as may be necessary to carry out this section are hereby authorized. SEC. 219. The Secretary of the Army is hereby authorized and surveys. directed to cause surveys for flood control and allied purposes, including channel and major drainage improvements, and floods aggravated by or due to wind or tidal effects, to be made under the direction of the Chief of Engineers, in drainage areas of the United States and its territorial possessions, which include the localities specifically named in this section. After the regular or formal reports made on any survey authorized by this section are submitted to Congress, no supplemental or additional report or estimate shall be made unless authorized by law except that the Secretary of the Army may cause a review of any examination or survey to be made and a report thereon submitted to Congress, if such review is required by the national defense or by changed physical or economic conditions. Burnett, Crystal, and Scotts Bays and vicinity, Baytown, Texas, in the interest of flood control, drainage, and related water and land resources, including specifically the problems of general subsidence of the area and flood problems created thereby. Linville Creek, Caney Creek and Tres Palacious, Texas, in the interest of flood control and related purposes. Oso Creek, Texas, in the interest of flood control and related purposes. Maddaket, Smith's Point and Broad Creek, Massachusetts, in the interest of flood control, hurricane protection, navigation and related purposes. Streams at and in the vicinity of the Spring Mountain Youth Camp, Spring Mountain Range, Nevada, in the interest of flood control, bank erosion control, and allied purposes.