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[82 STAT. 762]
[82 STAT. 762]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968


PUBLIC LAW 90-487-AUG. 15, 1968

[82 STAT.

inspection, the quantity of sacks of grain, or other facts relating to grain under other criteria approved by the Secretary under this Act (the term 'officially inspected' shall be construed accordingly); "(j) the term 'official inspection personnel' means employees of State or other governmental agencies or commercial agencies or other persons who are licensed to perform all or specified functions involved in official inspection under this Act; employees of the Department of Agriculture who are authorized to supervise official inspection and to conduct appeal inspection or initial inspection of United States grain in Canadian ports; " (k) the term 'official inspection mark' means any symbol prescribed by regulations of the Secretary to show the official determination of an official inspection; "(1) the term 'official grade designation' means a numerical or sample grade designation, specified in the standards provided for in this Act; " (m) the term 'official inspection agency' means the agency or person located at an inspection point designated by the Secretary for the conduct of official inspection under this Act; " (n) the terms 'official certificate' and 'official form' mean, respectively, a certificate or other form prescribed by regulations of the Secretary under this Act; "(o) the term 'official sample' means a sample obtained from a lot of grain by, and submitted for official inspection by, official inspection personnel (the teiTQ 'official sampling' shall be construed accordingly); " (p) the term 'submitted sample' means a sample submitted by or for an interested person for official inspection, other than an official sample; "(q) the term 'lot' means a specific quantity of grain identified as such; " (r) the term 'interested person' means any person having a contract or other financial interest in grain as the owner, seller, purchaser, warehouseman, or carrier, or otherwise; "(s) the verb 'ship' with respect to grain means transfer physical possession of the grain to another person for the purpose of transportation by any means of conveyance, or transport one's own grain by any means of conveyance; " (t) the terms 'false', 'incorrect', and 'misleading' mean, respectively, false, incorrect, and misleading in any particular; " (u) the term 'deceptive loading, handling, or sampling' means any manner of loading, handling, or sampling that deceives or tends to deceive official inspection personnel, as specified by regulations of the Secretary under this Act. ((STANDARDS "SEC. 4. (a) The Secretary is authorized to investigate the handling, grading, and transportation of grain and to fix and establish standards of kind, class, quality, and condition for corn, wheat, rye, oats, barley, flaxseed, grain sorghum, soybeans, mixed grain, and such other grains as in his judgment the usages of the trade may warrant and permit, and the Secretary is authorized to amend or revoke such standards whenever the necessities of the trade may require. ires°^°ubr"° ion "(^) Before establishing, amending, or revoking any standards ices, pu ication. ^j^^^^. ^j^jg ^^^^ ^.j^^ Secretary shall publish notice of the proposal and give interested persons opportunity to submit data, views, and arguments thereon and, upon request, an opportunity to present data, views, and arguments orally in an informal manner. No standards established or amendments or revocations of standards under this Act shall become