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PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969

SUBJECT INDEX Air Force, Department of the. See also Page Armed Forces; Defense, Department of. Aircraft, missiles, etc., research, appropriation authorization 204 Appropriation for 49, 69, 470 General provisions. Appropriation Act— 479 Military Construction Appropriation Act, 1970 466 Military Construction Authorization Act, 1970 303 Military personnel, appropriation for.._ 470 National Guard. See Air under National Guard. Operation and maintenance, appropriation for 473 Procurement, appropriation for 477 Research and development, appropriation for 478 Reserve components— Appropriation for 471 Facilities, construction, etc 318 Military construction, appropriation for 467 Strength 206 Reserve Forces Facilities Authorization Act, 1970 318 Tachikawa Air Base, Japan, relief for certain civilian employees 889 Travel allowances, per diem, increase. _ 840 Air National Guard. See Air under National Guard. Air Pollution Control, fuels and vehicles, research, appropriation authorization, extension 283 Aircraft, Vessels, Facilities, Etc.: Air carriers, acquisition of control 103 Research, appropriation authorization. 84, 204 Supersonic civil, appropriation for development 457 Airports: Dulles International Airport— High-speed ground transportation, appropriation for research 460 Transit line, study 322 National capital airports, appropriation for 456 Alabama, 150th anniversary, medals in commemoration 37 Alaska: Federal Field Committee for Development Planning in, appropriation for 165 Housing— Appropriation for grants 235 Loans and grants 390 Katmai National Monument, enlargement 926 Mobile homes, mortgage insurance 402

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Regional economic development programs, extension to Alaska Power Administration, appropriation for Alaska Railroad Revolving Fund, appropriation for Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, District of Columbia, Amendment, rate of tax, increase Aliens. See also Immigration and Naturalization Service and Immigration and Nationality Act.

218 333 460 175

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Mexican Americans, Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for SpanishSpeaking People, establishment 838 Alliance for Progress, Survey of, printing as Senate document 899 Aluminum Production, Electrodes for, suspension of duty, extension 36 American Battle Monuments Commission, appropriation for 79, 421 American Education We6k, 1969, proclamation 964 American Fisheries Society, 100th anniversary, medals in commemoration. _ 9 American Heart Month, 1969, proclamation 928 American Revolution Bicentennial Commission: Appropriation for 165 Report to President, time extension; appropriation authorization 132 American Schools and Hospitals Abroad, economic assistance 805 American Servicemen Held Prisoner by the North Vietnamese, national day of prayer for 184 Ammunition; Firearms, recordkeeping requirements 269 "The Analysis and Evaluation of Public Expenditures: The PPB System", printing of additional copies 903 Animal Disease and Pest Control, Plant and, appropriation for 245 Apollo l l ' s Mission, National Day of Participation, proclamation 951 Appalachian Regional Commission, appropriation for 222 Appalachian Regional Development Act Amendments of 1969 213 Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965: Amendments— Administrative expenses, increase 214 "Appalachian region", study of upper NewYork 215