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PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969

SUBJECT INDEX Revolving fund, reimbursable services, expansion Spanish-Speaking People, Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for, member Civil Service Retirement Amendments of 1969 Claims:

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Coal miners, black lung benefits, filing of 793-796 Departments and agencies, appropriation 62, 453, 475 Indians. See separate title. International Claims Settlement Act of 1949, amendment. Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, Cuban claims, time extension 435 Claims, Court of: Appropriation for 65, 419 Commissioners, salary increase 864 Judges, salary increase 864 Claims Settlement Commission, Foreign: Appropriation for... 80, 422 Cuban claims, time extension 435 Clean Air Act, Amendment, funds authorized for fuel and vehicles research, extension 283 Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969, Federal 742 Administration 798 Black lung, benefits 792 Health standards, interim mandatory.. 760 Safety standards, interim mandatory... 765 Coal Mine Safety Act, Federal, repealed._ 803 Coal Mine Safety Board of Review, Federal, appropriation for 161 Coal Mining, occupational diseases, research 215 Coal Research, Office of, appropriation for 153 Coast Guard, United States. See also Armed Forces; Defense, Department of. Aircraft, vessels, facilities, etc., appropriation authorization 84 Appropriation for 62, 78, 454 Passenger vessels, safety standards, etc., elimination of disclosure 427 Reserve components, strength 206 Colorado: Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, establishment 101 Ninth International Congress on High Speed Photography, 1970, held in Denver 905 Southern Ute Tribe of Indians, lands held in trust for 369


Water resource development projects, Pase feasibility studies 130 Columbus Day, 1969, proclamation 959 Commerce, Department of: Appropriation Act, 1970 412 Appropriation for 60, 68, 412, 451 Business and Defense Services Administration, appropriation for 68, 413 Business Economics, Office of, appropriation for 68, 412 Census, Bureau of the, appropriation for 68, 412 Economic Development Assistance, appropriation for 60, 412 Environmental Science Services Administration, appropriation for 60, 69, 414, 451 Export Administration Act of 1969 841 Export Control Act of 1949— Amendments, extension 42, 101, 169 Appropriation for effecting provisions413 Communist-dominated countries, revised program 841 Expiration date 847 Field Services, Office of, appropriation for 69,414 Foreign direct investment control, appropriation for ._ 69, 414 General provisions. Appropriation Act 418, 426 International activities, appropriation for 69, 413 International Travel Act of 1961, appropriation for effecting provisions 414 Maritime Administration— Appropriation for 60, 69, 416, 451 Programs, appropriation authorization... 132 Merchant Marine Act, 1936— Amendment, construction of vessels, extension of differential subsidies — 44 Appropriation for effecting provisions 416 Minority Business Enterprise, appropriation for 414 Patent Cooperation Treaty, conference to negotiate held in United States 443 Patent Office, appropriation for 69, 415 Patents, atomic energy, licensing requirement, extension, etc 444 Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965. See separate title. Spanish-Speaking People, Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for, member 838 Standard Reference Data Act, appropriation for effecting provisions, authorization 273