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[83 STAT. A26]
[83 STAT. A26]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969



Law Enforcement Assistance Administra- Page tion, appropriation for 75, 411 Law Enforcement Training Center, Federal, appropriation for 116 Law Review Commission, Public Land, appropriation for 163 Lead, disposition from national stockpile-48 League of Women Voters of the United States, 50th anniversary, proclamation 943 Legislative Appropriation Act, 1956, Amendment, Commission for Extension of the United States Capitol, membership 124 Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1957, Amendments, Senate expenses, employees travel, per diem; office administration 190, 342 Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1959, Amendment, office expenses, increase 343 Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1962, Amendment, Senator's office, travel expenses, increase 343 Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1968, Amendment, Senators' clerk hire allowances, increase 340 Legislative Branch of the Government. See also Congress; House of Representatives; Senate. Appropriation Act, 1970 338 Appropriation for 58, 63, 450 Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946: Amendments— House of Representatives, salary increase— Majority and Minority Leaders 107 Speaker 107 Senate, Majority and Minority Leaders, salary, increase 107 Appropriation for effecting provisions. 345, 355 Leif Erikson Day, 1969, proclamation 958 Lewis and Clark Trail Commission, appropriation for 165 Liberty Bond Act, Second, Amendments: Public debt limit, temporary increase. _ 7 United States savings bonds, interest rate, increase 272 Libraries: Agricultural, National, appropriation for 67,256 Winston Churchill Memorial and Library, Westminster College, Fulton, Mo., medals for dedication of_ 8 Library of Congress: Appropriation for 64, 354, 355 Blind and physically handicapped, appropriation for books 366

Copyright, duration of protection, extension Copyright Office, appropriation for Librarian and deputy, salary, increase. Supergrade positions, additional Los Padres National Forest, Calif., designation of Ventana Wilderness Loyalty Day, 1969, proclamation __ Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Site, Tex., establishment

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M Manpower Administration, appropriation for 56,75 Manpower Development and Training Act of 1962: Amendment, fund apportionment, inclusion of Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands 6 Appropriation for effecting provisions-56 Marble Canyon National Monument, Ariz., establishment 924 Marine Corps. See also Armed Forces; Navy, Department of. Aircraft, missiles, etc., research, appropriation authorization 204 Appropriation for 49-51, 69, 470 Assistant Commandant, grade of general 8 Military Construction Authorization Act, 1970 300 Military personnel, appropriation for__ 470 Operation and maintenance, appropriation for 473 Procurement, appropriation for 477 Reserve components— Appropriation for 471 Facilities, construction, etc 318 Strength . 206 Reserve Forces Facilities Authorization Act, 1970 318 Marine Resources and Engineering Development, National Council on: Appropriation for 165 Extension 10 Maritime Academy Act of 1958, appropriation for effecting provisions 417 Maritime Administration: Appropriation for 60,69,416,451 Programs, appropriation authorization 132 Maritime Commission, Federal, appropriation for 80, 422 Maritime Day, National, proclamation— 937 Maryland: Baltimore, land conveyance for highway construction 132 National Capital Transportation Act of 1969 320