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[83 STAT. 330]
[83 STAT. 330]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969


PUBLIC LAW 91-144-DEC. 11, 1969

[83 STAT.

within those areas covered by power wheeling service contracts which include provision for service to Federal establishments and preferred customers, except those transmission facilities for which construction funds have been heretofore appropriated, those facilities which are necessary to carry out the terms of such contracts or those facilities for which the Secretary of the Interior finds the wheeling agency is unable or unwilling to provide for the integration of Federal projects or for service to a Federal establishment or preferred customer: Provided further. That the final point of discharge for the interceptor drain for the San Luis unit shall not be determined until development by the Secretary of the Interior and the State of California of a plan, which shall conform with the water quality standards of the State of California as approved by the Secretary of the Interior, to minimize any detrimental effect of the San Luis drainage waters: Provided further, That not to exceed $200,000 of this appropriation shall be available for replacement of cast-in-place concrete pipe in the South Gila Unit, Yuma Mesa Division, Gila Project, Arizona, which shall be nonreimbursable: Provided further, That the contract between the Westlands Water District and the United States dated June 5, 1963, may be amended to provide for the advancement of funds by the District pur43 USC 395. suant to the Act of March 4, 1921 (41 Stat. 1404), to aid in the construction of the distribution and drainage system for the District, and the repayment of reimbursable costs of the Central Valley Project shall be credited annually in an amount equal to any reduction of water charges as provided by the amended contract: Provided further, That of the amount herein appropriated not to exceed $10,000 shall be available to initiate a rehabilitation and betterment program in the Shasta View Irrigation District, Klamath Project, Oregon, under the 43 USC 504 and ^^^t of October 7, 1949 (63 Stat. Y24), as amended, to be repaid in full note under conditions satisfactory to the Secretary of the Interior. U P P E R COLORADO RIVER STORAGE P R O J E C T

70 Stat. 107.

43 USC 620g.

For the Upper Colorado River Storage Project, as authorized by the Act of April 11, 1956 (43 U.S.C. 620d), to remain available until expended, $28,240,000, of which $25,740,000 shall be available for the "Upper Colorado Eiver Basin Fund", authorized by section 5 of said Act of April 11, 1956, and $2,500,000 shall be available for construction, operation and maintenance of recreational and fish and wildlife facili|.jgg authorized by section 8 thereof, and may be expended by bureaus of the Department through or in cooperation with State or other Federal agencies, and advances to such Federal agencies are hereby authorized: Provided, That no part of the funds herein appropriated shall be available for construction or operation of facilities to prevent waters of Lake Powell from entering any national monument. COLORADO RIVER B A S I N P R O J E C T

43 USC 1543. 43 USC 1521^^^

For advances to the Lower Colorado River Basin Development Fund, as authorized by section 403 of the Act of September 30, 1968 ^g2 Stat. 894), for the construction, operation, and maintenance of projects authorized by Title III of said act, $1,200,000, to remain available until expended. OPERATION AND


For operation and maintenance of reclamation projects or parts thereof and other facilities, as authorized by law; and for a soil and moisture conservation program on lands under the jurisdiction of the