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[83 STAT. 414]
[83 STAT. 414]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969


PUBLIC LAW 91-153-DEC. 24, 1969 O r n c B OF

[83 STAT.



For expenses necessary to operate and maintain field offices for the collection and dissemination of information useful in the development and improvement of commerce throughout the United States and its possessions, $5,160,000. FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT CONTROL SALARIES AND EXPENSES

3 CFR 1968 comp.,p.9o. 80 Stat. 416.

For necessary expenses for carrying out the provisions of the Executive Order 11387, January 1, 1968, including services as authorizedby5 U.S.C.3109,fe,000,000. MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISE SALARIES AND EXPENSES

34 F. R. 4937.

For necessary expenses for carrying out the provisions of Executive Order 11458 of March 5, 1969, $1,200,000. UNITED STATES TRAVEL SERVICE SALARIES AND EXPENSES

J^l use 2121

80 Stat. 306.

For necessary expenses to carry out the provisions of the International Travel Act of 1961 (75 Stat. 129), including employment of aliens by contract for service abroad; rental of space abroad, for periods not exceeding five years, and expenses of alteration, repair or improvement; advance of funds under contracts abroad; payment of tort claims, in the manner authorized in the first paragraph of section £672 of title 28 of the United States Code, when such claims arise in foreign countries; and not to exceed $3,500 for representation expenses abroad; $4,500,000. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE SERVICES ADMINISTRATION SALARIES AND EXPENSES

^g^gStat.^108; 10 USC 14311446.

For expenses necessary for the Environmental Science Services Administration, including maintenance, operation, and hire of aircraft; expenses of an authorized strength of 330 commissioned officers on the active list; pay of commissioned officers retired in accordance with law; purchase of supplies for the upper-air weather measurements program for delivery through December 31 of the next fiscal year; $121,350,000, of which $1,216,000 shall be available for retirement pay of commissioned officers and payments under the Retired Serviceman's Family Protection P l a n: Provided, That this appropriation shall be reimbursed for at least press costs and costs of paper for navigational charts furnished for official use of other Government departments and agencies.