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[83 STAT. 756]
[83 STAT. 756]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969


PUBLIC LAW 91-173-DEC. 30, 1969

[83 STAT.

receive a copy of any notice, order, or decision issued affecting any such mine. The mere designation of a health and safety official under this subsection shall not be construed as making such official subject to any penalty under this Act. INJUNCTIOKS

28 USC app.

so^statfeeV^' 28 USC 507 "°t^' 80 Stat. 384.

SEC. 108, The Secretary may institute a civil action for relief, including a permanent or temporary injunction, restraining order, or any other appropriate order in the district court of the United States for the district in which a coal mine is located or in which the operator of such mine has his principal office, whenever such operator or his agent (a) violates or fails or refuses to comply with any order or decision issued under this Act, or (b) interferes with, hinders, or delays the Secretary or his authorized representative, or the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare or his authorized representative, in carrying out the provisions of this Act, or (c) refuses to admit such representatives to the mine, or (d) refuses to permit the inspection of the mine, or the investigation of an accident or occupational disease occurring in, or connected with, such mine, or (e) refuses to furnish any information or report requested by the Secretary or the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare in furtherance of the provisions of this Act, or (f) refuses to permit access to, and copying of, such records as the Secretary or the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare determines necessary in carrying out the provisions of this Act. Each court shall have jurisdiction to provide such relief as may be appropriate. Temporary restraining orders shall be issued in accordance with Rule 65 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, as amended, except that the time limit in such orders, when issued without notice, shall be seven days from the date of entry. Except as otherwise provided herein, any relief granted by the court to enforce an order under clause (a) of this section shall continue in effect until the completion or final termination of all proceedings for review of such order under this title, unless, prior thereto, the district court granting such relief sets it aside or modifies it. In actions under this section, subject to the direction and control of the Attorney General, '^^ provided in section 507(b) of title 28 of the United States Code, attorneys appointed by the Secretary may appear for and represent him. I n any action instituted under this section to enforce an order or decision issued by the Secretary after a public hearing in accordancc with section 554 of title 5 of the United States Code, the findings of the Secretary, if supported by substantial evidence on the record considered as a whole, shall be conclusive. PENALTIES

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SEC. 109. (a)(1) The operator of a coal mine in which a violation occurs of a mandatory health or safety standard or who violates any other provision of this Act, except the provisions of title 4, shall be assessed a civil penalty by the Secretary under paragraph (3) of this subsection which penalty shall not be more than $10,000 for each such violation. Each occurrence of a violation of a mandatory health or safety standard may constitute a separate offense. I n determining the amount of the penalty, the Secretary shall consider the operator's history of previous violations, the appropriateness of such penalty to