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[83 STAT. 782]
[83 STAT. 782]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969



PUBLIC LAW 91-173-DEC. 30, 1969

[83 STAT.

made in accordance with section 306(e) of this title. Terminations and splices in all other high-voltage cables shall be made in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. (1) Frames, supporting structures, and enclosures of stationary, portable, or mobile underground high-voltage equipment and all highvoltage equipment supplying power to such equipment receiving power from resistance grounded systems shall be effectively grounded to the high-voltage ground. (m) Power centers and portable transformers shall be deenergized before they are moved from one location to another, except that, when equipment powered by sources other than such centers or transformers is not available, the Secretary may permit such centers and transformers to be moved while energized, if he determines that another equivalent or greater hazard may otherwise be created, and if they are moved under the supervision of a qualified person, and if such centers and transformers are examined prior to such movement by such person and found to be grounded by methods approved by an authorized representative of the Secretary and otherwise protected from hazards ^Q I}^Q miner. A record shall be kept of such examinations. High-voltage cables, other than trailing cables, shall not be moved or handled at any time while energized, except that, when such centers and transformers are moved while energized as permitted under this subsection, energized high-voltage cables attached to such centers and transformers may be moved only by a qualified person and the operator of such mine shall require that such person wear approved and tested insulated wireman's gloves. UNDERGROUND L O W - A N D MEDIUM-VOLTAOiE A L T E R N A T I N G CIRCUITS


SEC. 309. (a) Low- and medium-voltage power circuits serving threephase alternating current equipment shall be protected by suitable circuit breakers of adequate interrupting capacity which are properly tested and maintained as prescribed by the Secretary. Such breakers shall be equipped with devices to provide protection against undervoltage, grounded phase, short circuit, and over-current. (b) Low- and medium-voltage three-phase alternating-current circuits used underground shall contain either a direct or derived neutral which shall be grounded through a suitable resistor at the power center, and a grounding circuit, originating at the grounded side of the grounding resistor, shall extend along with the power conductors and serve as a grounding conductor for the frames of all the electrical equipment supplied power from that circuit, except that the Secretary or his authorized representative may permit ungrounded low- and medium-voltage circuits to be used underground to feed such stationary electrical equipment if such circuits are either steel armored or installed in grounded rigid steel conduit throughout their entire length. The grounding resistor, where required, shall be of the proper ohmic value to limit the ground fault current to 25 amperes. The grounding resistor shall be rated for maximum fault current continuously and insulated from ground for a voltage equal to the phaseto-phase voltage of the system. (c) Six months after the operative date of this title, low- and medium-voltage resistance grounded systems shall include a fail safe ground check circuit to monitor continuously the grounding circuit to assure continuity which ground check circuit shall cause the circuit