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PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971



Civil Rights Act of 1964, appropriation for Page Code, United States: Page effecting provisions 251, 275, 631 [NOTE: For amendments and repeals of sections In positive law titles, see Table 5(a) Civil Rights Act of 1968, appropriation for In "Laws Affected Tables In Volume 85", preeffecting provisions 275 ceding this Index. ] Civil Service Commission, appropriation New edition, appropriation for publicafor 54, 71, 114, 641 tion of the 134 Claims: Colombia, animal disease control. United [NOTE: For action concerning Individuals, see Individual Index, following this Subject States cooperation with 418 Index.] Columbia River, flood control project, additional funds 798 Defense, Department of, appropriation for settlement 720 Columbium, disposition from national stockpile 331 Department s and agencies, appropria936 tion for settlement 55, 642 Columbus Day, 1971 proclamation Commerce, Department o f: Fishermen's Protective Act of 1967, Appropriation Act, 1972 254 funds for payment under 122 Appropriation for 51, 61, 254, 639 Micronesian Claims Act of 1971 92 Blind and Other Severely Handicapped, Claims, United States Court of: Committee for Purchase of Products Appropriation for 58, 262 and Services of the, member 78 Chief Commissioner, Alaska, settlement Business Economics, Office of, approof land claims 712 priation for 61, 254 Renegotiation cases, jurisdiction 98 Census, Bureau of— Claims Commission, Indian, appropriaAppropriation for 61, 255 tion for 242 Cotton ginners, records and reports___ 393 Claims Commission, Micronesian, estabEconomic censuses, 1972, approprilishment 93 ation for 255 Claims Settlement Act, Alaska Native 688 Governments, 1972 census of, approClaims Settlement Commission, Foreign; priation for 255 Appropriation for 265 Nineteenth Decennial census, approMicronesian Claims Commission, under priation for 255 direction of 93 Domestic Business Activities, appropriClean Air Act, technical amendments 464 ation for 61 Clean Waters for America Week, 1971, Economic Development Administration, proclamation 900 appropriation for 61, 255, 639 Clown Week, National, proclamation 923 Fishermen's Protective Act of 1967— Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969, Amendments, fish products, restricFederal, appropriation for effecting tion on importation from certain provisions 296, 631 countries 786 Coal Research, Office of, appropriation Appropriation for 122 for 235,628 Foreign Direct I h v e s t m e n t Regulation, Coast Guard, United States. See also appropriation for 61, 257 Armed Forces; Defense, Department General provisions, Appropriation Acts_261, 270 of. International activities, appropriation Active d u t y personnel strength 340 for 61 Aircraft, vessels, facilities, etc., approMaritime Administration— priation authorization 338 Appropriation for 51, 62, 259 Appropriation for 52, 69, 202 Construction of vessels, operatingCommissioned offi cers, appointment 361 differential subsidy, research, Federal B o a t Safety Act of 1971 213 authorization of funds 145 Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Act of General provisions. Appropriation 1950, amendments, implementation Act 260 of protocols of the Convention; Maritime academies, training vessels146 enforcement activities 310 Maritime lien for necessaries 285 Reserve components— M e r c h a n t Marine Academy, Kings Officers, appointment 361 Point, N.Y., authorization of Selective reserve strength 425 funds 146 Vessel Bridge-to-Bridge Radiotelephone Ship operation subsidies, increased funds 75 Act 164