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[85 STAT. 119]
[85 STAT. 119]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971

85 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 92-49-JULY 9, 1971



For carrying out the provisions of the Act of August 25, 1958, as amended (3 U.S.C. 102 note), $418,000: Provided, That the Adminis- 72 Stat. sas; trator of General Services shall transfer to the Secretary of the ^'^ ^*^*' ^^^^' Treasury such sums as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of sections (a) and (e) of such Act. ADMINISTRATIVE OPERATIONS


Funds available to General Services Administration for administrative operations, in support of program activities, shall be expended and accounted for, as a whole, through a single fund: Provided, That costs and obligations for such administrative operations for the respective program activities shall be accounted for in accordance with systems approved by the General Accounting Office: Provided further, That the total amount deposited into said account for the current fiscal year from funds made available to General Services Administration from any source except advances and reimbursements received from other agencies under Section 601 of the Economy Act of 1932, as amended (31 U.S.C. 686), shall not exceed $33,000,000: Provided 5/staJ^2iV^' further, That amounts deposited into said account for administrative operations for each program shall not exceed the amounts included in the respective program appropriations for such purposes. GENERAL PROVISIONS


The appropriate appropriation or fund available to the General Services Administration shall be credited with (1) cost of operation, protection, maintenance, upkeep, repair, and improvement, included as part of rentals received from Government corporations pursuant to law (40 U.S.C. 129); (2) reimbursements for services performed ^^ ^*^*- ^^•*in respect to bonds and other obligations under the jurisdiction of the General Services Administration, issued by public authorities. States, or other public bodies, and such services in respect to such bonds or obligations as the Administrator deems necessary and in the public interest may, upon the request and at the expense of the issuing agencies, be provided from the appropriate foregoing appropriation; and (3) appropriations or funds available to other agencies, and transferred to the General Services Administration, in connection with property transferred to the General Services Administration pursuant to the Act of July 2, 1948 (50 U.S.C. 451ff), and such appropriations H l'^'^' m^or funds may be so transferred, with the approval of the Office of Management and Budget. Appropriations to the General Services Administration under the heading "Construction, Public Buildings Projects" shall be available, subject to the provisions of the Public Buildings Act of 1959 for (1) ^ us^c 6*o?' acquisition of buildings and sites thereof by purchase, condemnation, note. or otherwise, including prepayment of purchase contracts, (2) extension or conversion of Government-owned buildings, and (3) construction of new buildings, in addition to those set forth under that appropriation: Provided, That nothing herein shall authorize an expenditure of funds for acquisition, extension or conversion, or construction without the approval of the Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and House of Representatives. Funds available to the General Services Administration shall be available for the hire of passenger motor vehicles. Not to exceed 2 per centum of any appropriation made available f^J/sT^^^^ °^ to the General Services Administration for the current fiscal year by this Act may be transferred to any other such appropriation, but no