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[85 STAT. 160]
[85 STAT. 160]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971



42 USC 1962 note. Prototype plants, preliminary investigations.

Report to Congress.

Federal agencies, assistance.

State or other agency, assistance.

Administrative provisions.

PUBLIC LAW 92-60-JULY 29, 1971

[85 STAT.

saline water processes as compared with other standard methods, and by means of mathematical models or other methodologies prepare and maintain information concerning the relation of desalting to other aspects of State, regional, and national comprehensive water resource planning: Provided,, That in carrying out this function, the Secretary shall coordinate these studies with planning being performed under the provisions of the Water Resources Planning Act (79 Stat. 244), as amended. SEC. 4. (a) The Secretary is authorized and directed to conduct preliminary investigations and to explore potential cooperative agreements with non-Federal utilities and governmental entities in order to develop recommendations for Federal participation in the construction, operation, and maintenance of prototype plants utilizing desalting technologies for the production of water for consumptive use. (b) The Secretary is authorized and directed to report to the President and to the Congress, not later than one year after the date this subsection becomes effective, his recommendation as to the best opportunity for the early construction of a large-scale prototype desalting plant. I n making his recommendation, the Secretary shall consider the following— (i) plant size and process type best suited, within the presently available technology, to demonstrate the practicability of construction and operation of a large-scale plant for water supply on a reliable basis, and to provide information on the management problems and econoijaics of such operation; (ii) availability of cooperating entities or utilities willing to enter, and capable of entering, into agreements and contracts to provide a market for water and an operating agency for the plants; (iii) availability of entities or utilities willing to enter, and capable of entering, into agreements and contracts to provide an energy source for the plants; (iv) availability of a site, the environmental implications of the energy source, and brine disposal problems; and (v) need for the development of new water sources in the area. (c) I n carrying out the provisions of this section, the Secretary shall utilize the expertise of the water and power marketing agencies of the Department of the Interior or of other Federal agencies to insure that the recommended prototype plant and the supporting agreements are fully integrated and compatible with the water and power systems of the region, (d) The Secretary is authorized to accept financial and other assistance from any State or public agency in connection with studies or surveys relating to saline water conversion problems and facilities and to enter into contracts with respect to such assistance. SEC. 5, I n carrying out his functions under this Act, the Secretary may— (a) make grants to educational institutions and scientific organizations, and enter into contracts with such institutions and organizations and with industrial or engineering firms; (b) acquire the services of chemists, physicists, engineers, and other personnel by contract or otherwise; (c) utilize the facilities of Federal scientific laboratories; (d) establish and operate necessary facilities and test sites to carry on the continuous research, testing, development, and pro-