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[85 STAT. 217]
[85 STAT. 217]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971

85 STAT. ]


SEC. 9. The Secretary may, if he considers that boating safety will not be adversely affected, issue exemptions from any provision of this Act or regulations and standards established thereunder, on terms and conditions as he considers appropriate. FEDERAL PREEMPTION"

SEC. 10. Unless permitted by the Secretary under section 9 of this Act, no State or political subdivision thereof may establish, continue in effect, or enforce any provision of law or regulation which establishes any boat or associated equipment performance or other safety standard, or which imposes any requirement for associated equipment, except, unless disapproved by the Secretary, the carrying or using of marine safetj^ articles to meet uniquely hazardous conditions or circumstances within the State, which is not identical to a Federal regulation issued under section 5 of this Act. ADMISSION OF NONCONFORMING FOREIGN-MADE BOATS

SEC. 11. The Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary may, by joint re^lationSj authorize the importation of a nonconforming boat or associated equipment upon terms and conditions, including the furnishing of bond, which will assure that the boat or associated equipment will be brought into conformity with the applicable Federal safety reflations and standards before it is used on waters subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. PROHIBITED ACTS

SEC. 12. (a) No person shall— (1) manufacture, construct, assemble, introduce, or deliver for introduction in interstate commerce, or import into the United States, or if engaged in the business of selling or distributing boats or associated equipment, sell or offer for sale, any boat, associated equipment, or component thereof to be sold for subsequent assembly, unless— (A) it conforms with regulations and standards prescribed under this Act, or (B) it is intended solely for export, and so labeled, tagged, or marked on the boat or equipment and on the outside of the container, if any, which is exported. (2) affix, attach, or display a seal, label, plate, insignia, or other device indicating or suggesting compliance with Federal safety standards, on, m, or with a boat or item of associated equipment, which is false or misleading; (3) fail to furnish a notification as required by section 15(a) or exercise reasonable diligence in fulfilling the undertaking given pursuant to section 15(c) of this Act. (b) No person shall be subject to any penalty contained in this section if he establishes that he did not have reason to know in the exercise of due care that a boat or associated equipment does not conform with applicable Federal boat safety standards, or who holds a certificate issued by the manufacturer of the boat or associated equipment to the effect that such boat or associated equipment conforms to all applicable Federal boat safety standards, unless such person knows or reasonably should have loiown that such boat or associated equipment does not so conform.