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[85 STAT. 300]
[85 STAT. 300]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971


PUBLIC LAW 92-80-AUG. 10, 1971

[85 STAT.


44 Stat. 577; '*^4rst*at!\^f89; 80 Stat. 208;

  • ^5 USC?53.

For expenses necessary for carryino- ont the provisions of the Rail^yay Labor Act, as amended (45 U.S.C. 151-188), including temporary employment of referees under section 3 of the Railway Labor Act, as amended, and emergency boards appointed by the President pursuant to section 10 of said Act (45 U.S.C. 160), $2,796,000. RAILROAD RETIREMENT BOARD PAYMENTS FOR MILITARY SERVICE CREDITS

54 Stat. 1014.

For payments to the raib'oad retirement account for military service credits under the Railroad Retirement Act, as amended (45 U.S.C. 228C-1), $20,757,000. L I M I T A T I O N ON SALARIES A N D


For expenses necessary for the Railroad Retirement Board, $18,838,000, to be derived from the railroad retirement accounts. COMMISSION ON RAILROAD RETIREMENT SALARIES A N D

84 Stat, 792. 45 USC 228j

note." " " " '


For necessary expenses of the Commission on Railroad Retirement, established by the Act of August 12, 1970 (Public Law 91-337), $483,000: Provided, That the unobligated balance of the appropriation granted under this heading for the fiscal year 1971 shall remain available during the current fiscal year. FEDERAL MEDIATION AND CONCILIATION SERVICE SALARIES AND EXPENSES

61 Stat. 152.

s^usc 5332


For expenses necessary for the Service to carry out the functions vested in it by the Labor-Management Relations Act, 1947 (29 U.S.C. 171-180, 182), including expenses of the Labor-Management Panel as provided in section 205 of said Act; expenses of boards of inquiry appointed by the President pursuant to section 206 of said Act; hire of passenger motor vehicles; temporary employment of conciliators, and mediators on labor relations at rates not to exceed the per diem rate equivalent to the rate for GS-18; rental of conference rooms in the District of Columbia; and Government-listed telephones in private residences and private apartments for official use in cities where mediators are officially stationed, but no Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service office is maintained; $10,289,000. UNITED STATES SOLDIERS' HOME OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE

For maintenance and operation of the United States Soldiers' Home, to be paid from the Soldiers' Home permanent fund, $11,353,000: Provided, That this appropriation shall not be available for the pay-