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[85 STAT. 387]
[85 STAT. 387]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971

85 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 92-138-OCT. 14, 1971


sugar beet processing facilities. Allocations shall be for a period of three years and limited for any one processing facility to the acreage required to yield a maximum of 50,000 short tons, raw value, of sugar and a minimum of 25,000 short tons, raw value, of sugar. The acreage so allocated shall be distributed on a fair and reasonable basis to new and old sugar beet farms to the extent that it can be utilized without regard to any other acreage allocations to States determined by the Secretary. A t the time the Secretary allocates acreage for a new or sub- pe^" rarRe'grster. stantially enlarged existing sugar beet processing facility for any year, which determination shall be made as far in advance of such year as practicable, such allocation shall thereby be committed to be in effect for the year in which production of sugar beets is scheduled to commence or to be substantially increased in the locality or localities determined by the Secretary to receive such acreage allocation for such year, such determination by the Secretary shall be final, and such commitment of acreage allocation shall be irrevocable upon issuance of such determination of the Secretary by publication in the Federal Register; except that if the Secretary finds in any case that the construction of new or the substantial enlargement of existing sugar beet processing facilities and the contracting for processing of sugar beets has not proceeded in substantial accordance with the representations made to him as a basis for his determination of acreage allocation, he shall revoke such determination in accordance with and upon publication in the Federal Register of such findings. In determining acreage allocations for a locality or localities serving new or substantially enlarged existing sugar beet facilities and whenever proposals are made to construct new or to substantially enlarge existing sugar beet processing facilities in two or more localities (where sugar beet production is proposed to be commenced or to be substantially increased in the same year), the Secretary shall base his determination and selection upon the firmness of capital commitment, the proven suitability of the area for growing sugar beets and the relative qualifications of localities and proposals under such criteria. In making his determination under the preceding sentence, the Secretary shall give a preference to any processing facility located or to be located in or adjacent to growing areas where processing facilities were closed during 1970 or thereafter if he finds that sugar beets can and will be grown in sufficient quantity and quality to make the production of sugar beets and the operation of such facility successful. If proportionate shares are in effect in either of the two years immediately following the year for which such initial acreage allocation is made in any locality, the Secretary shall adjust the initial allocation in the same proportion as the State's acreage is adjusted from its acreage of the year in which such initial allocation was made."; (4) by amending paragraph (4) to read as follows: "(4) The allocation of the national sugar beet acreage requirement to States for sugar beet production, as well as the acreage allocation for new or substantially enlarged existing sugar beet processing facilities, shall be determined by the Secretary after investigation and notice and opportunity for an informal public hearing."; (5) by striking out "in any local producing area" in paragraph (5); . (6) by amending paragraph (9) to read as follows: " (9) The Secretary is authorized to reserve from the national sugar beet acreage requirements established by him for the 1972, 1973, and 1974 crops of sugar beets the acreage required to yield 25^000 short tons of sugar, raw value, for any sugar beet processing facility which closed during 1970, if he is satisfied that such facility will resume operations and will be operated successfully and that the area which will

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