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[85 STAT. 613]
[85 STAT. 613]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971

85 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 92-181-DEC. 10, 1971

Administration and with such consent may liquidate only in accordance with regulations prescribed by the F a r m Credit Administration. Associations may voluntarily merge with other like associations upon the vote of a majority of each of their stockholders present and voting or voting by written proxy at duly authorized meetings, and with the approval of the supervising bank and the F a r m Credit Administration. The Federal F a r m Credit Board may require such merger whenever it determines, with the concurrence of the district board, that an association has failed to meet its outstanding obligations or failed to conduct its operations in accordance with this Act. (b) Upon default of any obligation by any institution of the System, such institution may be declared insolvent and placed in the hands of a conservator or a receiver appointed by the Governor and the proceedings thereon shall be in accordance with regulations of the F a r m Credit Administration regarding such insolvencies. PART C — R I G H T S OF APPLICANTS SEC. 4.13. NOTICE OF ACTION ON APPLICATION.—Every applicant for

a loan from an institution of the System shall be entitled to prompt notice of action on his application, and, if the loan applied for is reduced or denied, the reason for such action. SEC. 4.14. RECONSIDERATION.—Any applicant who has reason to believe that the action on his application by an association failed to take into account facts pertinent to his application, or has misinterpreted or failed to properly apply the applicable law or rules and regulations governing his application, may, if he so requests in writing within thirty days of the date of that notice, request an informal hearing on his application and the action of the association in reduction or denial thereof, or the reason for such action, in person before the loan committee or officer or employee thereof authorized to act on applications under section 1,15(11) or 2.12(18). Promptly after such a hearing, he shall be notified of the decision upon reconsideration and the reasons therefor. SEC. 4.15. NOMINATION OF ASSOCIATION DIRECTORS; REPRESENTAITVE SELECTION OF NOMINEES.—Each production credit association and

each Federal land bank association shall elect a nominating committee by vote of the stockholders at the annual meeting to serve for the following year. Each nominating committee shall review lists of farmers from the association territory, determine their willingness to serve, and submit for election a slate of eligible candidates which shall include at least two nominees for each elective office to be filled. I n doing so, the committee shall endeavor to assure representation to all sections of the association territory and as nearly as possible to all types of agriculture practiced within the area. Employees of the association shall not be eligible to be nominated, elected, or serve as a member of the board. Nominations shall also be accepted from the floor. Members of the board are not eligible to serve on the nominating committee. Regulations of the F a r m Credit Administration governing the election of district directors shall similarly assure a choice of two nominees for each elective office to be filled and that the district board represent as nearly as possible all types of agriculture in the district. SEC.





Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, no guarantee shall be made on any instrument of indebtedness the income from which is exempt in whole or in part from Federal taxation.