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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

98 STAT. 1292

Regulations. 20 USC 4015.

PUBLIC LAW 98-377—AUG. 11, 1984

(A) the application contains such information as the Administrator may require, including but not limited to information describing— (i) the nature and extent of the asbestos problem for which the assistance is sought; (ii) the asbestos content of the material to be abated; (iii) the methods which will be used to abate the asbestos materials; (iv) the amount and type of financial assistance requested; (v) a description of the financial resources of the local educational agency; and (vi) a justification for the type and amount of the financial assistance requested. (B) the application contains a certification that— (i) any employee engaged in an asbestos material abatement program will be trained and equipped pursuant to section 506(b)(2)(B); and (ii) no child or inadequately informed or protected school employee will be permitted in the vicinity of any asbestos abatement activity; (C) the application contains assurances that the local educational agency will furnish such information as is necessary for the Administrator to make the report required by section 507 of this title. (3) No financial assistance may be provided by the Administrator under this section for projects described in subsection (a)(2) on which abatement action was completed prior to January 1, 1984. (B) Except as provided in section 512(b)(1) in approving applications the Administrator shall provide Eissistance to the local educational agencies having the highest priority among applications being considered in order of ranking until the appropriated funds are expended. SEC. 506. (a) The Administrator shall promulgate rules and regulations as necessary to implement the authorities and requirements of this title, (b) The Administrator shall also establish— (1) procedures to be used by local educational agencies, in programs for which financial assistance is made available under section 505 for— (A) abating asbestos materials in school buildings; (B) replacing the asbestos materials removed from school buildings with other appropriate building materials; and (C) restoring such school buildings to conditions comparable to those existing before asbestos containment or removal activities were undertaken; and (2) within ninety days, standards for determining— (A) which contractors are qualified to carry out the activities referred to in paragraph (1), and (B) what training, equipment, protective clothing and other information and material must be supplied to adequately advise and protect school employees utilized to carry out the activities in paragraph (1). (3) nothing contained in this title shall be construed, interpreted or applied to diminish in any way the level of protection required under State or Federal worker protection laws.