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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-428—SEPT. 28, 1984 (c) Not later than one year after the date of the enactment of this Act, and at least every five years thereafter, the Secretary of Agriculture shall submit to the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs of the United States House of Representatives and to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources of the United States Senate a report detailing the progress made by the Forest Service in carrying out the provisions of paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section.

98 STAT. 1661 Report.


SEC. 302. (a) As provided in section 4(d)(7) of the Wilderness Act of 1964, nothing in this Act shall constitute an express or implied claim or denial on the part of the Federal Government as to the exemption from Utah water laws. (b) Within the Mount Naomi, Wellsville Mountain, Mount Olympus, Twin Peaks, High Uintas, Mount Nebo, Pine Valley Mountain, Deseret Peak, Mount Timpanogos, and Ashdown Gorge Wilderness areas as designated by this Act, the Forest Service is directed to utilize whatever sanitary facilities are necessary, including but not limited to vault toilets which may require service by helicopter, to insure the continued health and safety of the communities serviced by the watersheds in such wilderness areas in the State of Utah; furthermore, nothing in this Act shall be construed to limit motorized access and road maintenance by local municipalities for those minimum maintenance activities necessary to guarantee the continued viability of whatsoever watershed facilities currently exist or which may be necessary in the future to prevent the degradation of the water supply in such wilderness areas within the State of Utah, subject to such reasonable regulations as are deemed necessary by the Secretary of Agriculture. (c) As provided in section 4(d)(8) of the Wilderness Act of 1964, nothing in this Act shall be construed as affecting the jurisdiction or responsibilities of the State of Utah with respect to wildlife and fish in the national forests in Utah.

16 USC 1133.


SEC. 303. Congress does not intend that designation of wilderness areas in the State of Utah lead to the creation of protective perimeters or buffer zones around any wilderness area. The fact that nonwilderness activities or uses can be seen or heard from areas within the wilderness shall not, of itself, preclude such activities or uses up to the boundary of the wilderness area. MINERAL RESOURCES

SEC. 304. In furtherance of section 4(d)(2) of the Wilderness Act and the policies of the National Materials and Minerals Policy, Research and Development Act (94 Stat. 2305), the Secretary of the Interior shall continue to make assessments of the mineral potential of national forest wilderness areas in the State of Utah, on a recurring basis, consistent with the concept of wilderness preservation, in order to expand the data base with respect to the mineral potential of such lands. SEC. 305. Within the Mount Naomi, Wellsville Mountain, Mount Olympus, Mount Nebo, Twin Peaks, High Uintas, Pine Valley Mountain, Mount Timpanogos, and Deseret Peak Wilderness areas as

30 USC 1601 "ote.