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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-473—OCT. 12, 1984

98 STAT. 1873

with the jurisdiction for fire management services listed above which are previously executed shall remain valid. SEC. 314. None of the funds provided by this Act to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service may be obligated or expended to plan for, conduct, or supervise deer hunting on the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Sec. 315. Funds available to the Department of the Interior and the Forest Service in fiscal year 1985 for the purpose of contracting for services that require the utilization of privately owned aircraft for the carriage of cargo or freight shall be used only to contract for aircraft that are certified as air-worthy by the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration as standard category aircraft under 14 CFR 21.183 unless the Secretary of the contracting department determines that such aircraft are not reasonably available to conduct such services. SEC. 316. None of the funds provided in this Act may be used for the augmentation of grizzly bear populations in currently occupied areas of Forest Service grizzly bear habitat or the preparation of specific augmentation proposals to establish new grizzly bear populations in areas identified as suitable grizzly bear habitat in any unit of the National Park System or National Forest System unless the appropriate General Management Plan or Forest Plan provides for such augmentation and has been adopted, including having been available for public comment and review: Provided, That such activities may be conducted only with funds specifically justified for such purpose in an agency budget justification and subsequently approved in a report accompanying an appropriation bill making appropriations for that agency, or with funds provided for through reprogramming procedures: Provided further, That this is not intended to prohibit the emergency relocation of nuisance bears into currently occupied areas of congressionally designated wilderness areas within Forest Service boundaries, or into other currently occupied situation on areas where conflict between bears and humans is not likely to occur: Provided further. That the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture shall provide for a public meeting at each affected National Forest and National Park Headquarters and the subsequent publication of the "Guidelines for Management Involving Grizzly Bears in the Greater Yellowstone Area" in the Federal Register, reflecting the public comments: Provided further. That notwithstanding any other provision of law, agencies included in this Act are authorized to reimburse permittees for such reasonable expenses as may be incurred as a result of moving permitted animals from one location to another, as may be required by the permitting agency, in order to prevent harassment and attacks by grizzly bears. Such expenses are to be determined by the agency responsible for the permitted action. SEC. 317. The Administrator.of the General Services Administration shall transfer to the Secretary of the Interior, without reimbursement, for inclusion in the War in the Pacific National Historical Park the following parcels of land: (1) Agat Bay, parcel 2, United States Naval Station, Guam (GSA control number 9-N-GU-426); and (2) GLUP: Nimitz Hill, parcel 3, Nimitz Hill Annex Area "C", Municipality of Asan, Guam (GSA control number 9-N-GU415). SEC. 318. The Secretary of the Interior shall quantify, in cooperation with the Secretary of Agriculture and the Governor of North

Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Hunting. Aircraft and air carriers.

Animals. National parks, monuments, etc. National Forest System.

Federal Register, publication.

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