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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-373—JULY 31, 1984 (4) develop a 5-year plan to implement the national policy, as provided for in section 109; (5) provide the necessary coordination, data, and assistance for the preparation of a single integrated, coherent, and multiagency budget request for Arctic research as provided for in section 110; (6) facilitate cooperation between the Federal Government and State and local governments in Arctic research, and recommend the undertaking of neglected areas of research in accordance with the findings and purposes of this title; (7) coordinate and promote cooperative Arctic scientific research programs with other nations, subject to the foreign policy guidance of the Secretary of State; (8) cooperate with the Governor of the State of Alaska in fulfilling its responsibilities under this title; (9) promote Federal interagency coordination of all Arctic research activities, including— (A) logistical planning and coordination; and (B) the sharing of data and information associated with Arctic research, subject to section 552 of title 5, United States Code; and (10) provide public notice of its meetings and an opportunity for the public to participate in the development and implementation of national Arctic research policy. (b) Not later than January 31, 1986, and biennially thereafter, the Interagency Committee shall submit to the Congress through the President, a brief, concise report containing— ( D a statement of the activities and accomplishments of the Interagency Committee since its last report; and (2) a description of the activities of the Commission, detailing with particularity the recommendations of the Commission with respect to Federal activities in Arctic research.

98 STAT. 1247

Public information. Report.


SEC. 109. (a) The Interagency Committee, in consultation with the Commission, the Governor of the State of Alaska, the residents of the Arctic, the private sector, and public interest groups, shall prepare a comprehensive 5-year program plan (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") for the overall Federal effort in Arctic research. The Plan shall be prepared and submitted to the President for transmittal to the Congress within one year after the enactment of this Act and shall be revised biennially thereafter. (b) The Plan shall contain but need not be limited to the following elements: (1) an assessment of national needs and problems regarding the Arctic and the research necessary to address those needs or problems; (2) a statement of the goals and objectives of the Interagency Committee for national Arctic research; (3) a detailed listing of all existing Federal programs relating to Arctic research, including the existing goals, funding levels for each of the 5 following fiscal years, and the funds currently being expended to conduct the programs; (4) recommendations for necessary program changes and other proposals to meet the requirements of the policy and goals

15 USC 4108.